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These are more shots from my fun photo shoot a couple of months ago with Jamie, Amy, Meghan and Kelly. I was saving them for an emergency; like a 4-day post draught. {ahem, sorry about that.} You know you’re behind when you get home and your husband asks, “Hey babe, are you going to post tonight? You probably should.” And then he takes your boots off while you fire up the laptop, and makes dinner so you can catch up on your blogging. I love him oh-so-much. 
Anyway, it’s appropriate timing to share these, since all I want to wear lately is some version of this outfit. Oversized cozy sweater, super soft jeans or jeggings, and my favorite well-loved-and-probably-won’t-live-past-this-season boots.

Here are a few ladies I think pull of this look particularly well {if you guys will just send me all of these sweaters and boots, that’d be great… I’ll email you my shipping info}:

Linley of Dwelling & Telling
Kristen of Honestly Kristen
Laurel of Trophy Boutique
S of Narrowly Tailored
Emily of The Daily Fashionista
Lula of Lulapalooza

Hoping to get back on track this week with new outfit posts and my second ReStyle project!

Wearing: Sweater, jeggings, necklace, and clutch all available at m.marie, Candies boots (Kohl’s, 2009)

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  1. >You look great in this outfit! Is your husband related to my husband? Maybe we're sisters? He's making dinner RIGHT now, while I "work."I love that he lets me call this work and that I get spaghetti and meatballs afterward. Thanks for the mention! I was wondering why my traffic suddenly went up all of a sudden…xoLaurelP.S. You should probably tell people your shoe size so that you get proper-fitting gifts.

  2. >Oh my goodness this is my favorite type of outfit-a cozy sweater that has a little extra something… like some adorable buttons! Love it! And can I please steal that bag with bows?! Too much cuteness!ps. Your husband sounds amazing. Major points for the husband.

  3. >Thanks for the shout out, lady! This outfit looks gorgeous on you. I've loved all the photos from this shoot — but the detailing on the back of the sweater and the long necklace really make this look.

  4. >Goodness I'm literally gasping for air right now! Not only because you look absolutely stunning and your outfit is JUST the kind I love, but because you featured me on your blog! Thanks so much! You have no idea how happy this just made me. I was just reading your post and I thought…hmm that name sounds familiar, and after a second or two I saw it was me, ha! Thanks girl. And I loved what your husband told you about your blog. Funny! I'm doing a Burberry perfume giveaway on my blog and I'd love for you to participate!!KissLula

  5. >Aww your husband is beyonde sweet! … I do keep an emergency lookbook just in case work gets hectic and I can't find time to shoot, good to know I'm not the only one … Btw I just found you and have to say I adored your style, consider me a new follower!http://blog.cessoviedo.com

  6. >thank you for the shout out! i'd be happy to lend out my sweater anytime! (:also, these pics are gorgeous! i especially love the last picture. what a lovely photo-shoot!

  7. >Ahhh – I so did not expect to see myself linked here! Thanks, lady. By the way, you look adorable here. I've been missing your posts, so I am glad to see you pop up again. Oh, and your husband is the absolute sweetest. Where did you find him? :p

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