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I think I’d make Kendi and Bryan proud with my photo shoot location today. When C and I were scouting {so official, eh?} around the buildings around the shop this afternoon, I spotted this palette leaning up against a wall, squealed and likely overreacted about its presence, and the rest is history. 
Speaking of Kendi, she just sounded the alarm for the winter edition of the 30 for 30. Since I just finished the fall version about three weeks ago, I was on the fence about whether or not I’m going to play this round. I had such a hard time with the last remix, I really didn’t know if I was ready to “get back on the horse,” if you will. However, after [not so very] much debate, I’ve decided I’m in. More on that later…
If you don’t know about the 30 for 30, you can check out all the details here
Wearing: Sunny Leigh button-up (Macy’s clearance, $9), Anne Klein scarf (Beall’s Outlet,  $7), Divine Rights of Denim skinnies (m.marie, 2009), American Eagle belt (2005), Michelle D flats (Dillard’s clearance, $11)

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