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If you read adorable Sydney‘s blog, you know all about Awkward and Awesome Thursday. If you don’t, first add The Daybook to your favorite feed reader. Then make yourself familiar with the post that started it all. Third, visit this page to meet all the other people who share the {often hilarious} ups and downs of their week. 
Finally — if you aren’t too tired from all the steps above — read more for my first-ever Awkward and Awesome Thursday rundown! 

– Getting to work late because you forgot the gas gauge was below “E” when you pulled into the driveway late last night after dinner and drinks with friends. 
– Forgetting to send ad copy to a local newspaper for a Valentine’s Day advertisement, and remembering only when the media rep walks into your shop and nicely tells you that it’s over a week late. {Only made more awkward when you come across her reminder emails when catching up on your inbox}. 
– Scaring your staff and customers half to death when you innocently try to add just a little more helium to a foil balloon and it explodes. Very loudly. 
– Standing in a check-out line and searching for your credit card in the bottomless pit that is your handbag. {Why oh why don’t I ever put that thing back where it goes?!
– Running into a kid at the grocery store who went to the after-school-daycare that was your first summer job, who tells you he just graduated from high school and starts firefighting training next month. Then trying to hide the confusion and pain on your face as the last nine years of your life flash before your eyes. 
– Showing your three page to-do list who’s boss. 
– Thinking it’s Wednesday all day, and realizing late in the afternoon that you’re one day closer to the weekend! 
– Neatly packing up all of the Christmas inventory at the shop and moving it to storage, while simultaneously unpacking and displaying all of the Valentine’s Day inventory. All in one work day. 
– Stopping at the grocery store after a long day to pick up “essentials” and discovering that your favorite frozen pizza, ice cream, and Diet Coke are all on sale. 
– Your sweet husband offering to make dinner so you can finish your first Awkward and Awesome post.
Wearing: INC sweater (Macy’s, 2009) and skinny cargos (Macy’s clearance, $17)), breton stripe boatneck (Beall’s Outlet), Target boots (2009) 

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I'm a small town lady from the sunshine state with an affinity for bookstores, beauty counters and unfussy style. I spend my days running my flower shop, and my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear. (Or watching Netflix and drinking wine.)

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