>Project ReStyle: Another T-Shirt Revival



This ReStyle actually came about when I was rifling through the laundry looking for my 30 for 30 pieces yesterday. This super-soft, super-long American Rag tank is one of my favorite things in my closet, and I’ve had it since C and I first moved in our house about five years ago. Imagine my dismay to find it in the laundry room, with a mysteriously chewed off strap.

I have a sinking suspicion of who the culprit may be… 


Lucky for him, I knew just what to do to reincarnate my old striped friend… but instead of using the technique I used in the first go-round, I thought I’d try my real-life-BFF Anne’s take on my first tutorial. It creates more of a scarf look than a necklace, and you guys know I love a scarf ;-)

Apparently I’m not the only one who’s attached to this tee… Doak laid on it the entire time I tried to work on this project (all five minutes, that is — this is a super quick DIY).

Just like the first time, I cut off the hem and cut the shirt into strips, except this time instead of cutting all the way through, I left a couple of inches before reaching the seam. It keeps the scarf all in one piece and lets you skip a step at the end — great thinking, Anne


Then I stretched out the strips like before. Easy peasy! 

Since Doak was such a {not} great helper, I made him his own little scarf with the top of the tank.

 Which he wore for two minutes, and then proceeded to destroy.


4 down, 48 to go!

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