>2/30: Cozy Cocoon


One A Cocoon Sweater (Macy’s clearance, $9), LOFT cotton cami, Bleu jeggings, Payless flats ($24.99)

It’s really crazy to think that half of the country is covered in ice and snow right now, and we’ve been experiencing unusually warm weather for the last couple of days. 
I’d love to bundle up in snuggly gear and sweater tights (because those look uh-mazingly comfy, K) for this Winter 30 for 30… but the truth is, I was sweating in this lightweight cocoon sweater when I was out running errands. 

I’d keep writing folks, but my ham-bacon-mushroom-olive pizza just arrived from Papa Johns and When In Rome is waiting in my Netflix instant queue. G’night!

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I'm a small town girl from the sunshine state with an affinity for bookstores, beauty counters and unfussy style. I spend my days running my flower shop, and my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear. (Or watching Netflix and drinking wine.)

29 thoughts on “>2/30: Cozy Cocoon

  1. >That sounds like a perfect night! You do look adorable but I don't know how you wore that in this heat. I had to have bare legs and arms!

  2. >Such a cute outfit- and it looks cozy too! I appreciate a good pair of jeggings. Enjoy your movieP.S. I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog if you want to check it out!

  3. >I am so excited to see your DIY necklace in action! I would have never known those were jeggings had you not written it, I may just have to look into getting some!

  4. >I was sweaty while out today, but that was because I had to dig myself out of 3 foot snow drifts! I'm so jealous of your warm weather and your cocoon sweater. :)

  5. >Oh, you're adorable as usual! I'm extremely jealous of the warm weather in FL. Hope you enjoyed your pizza & movie. I thought When in Rome was kinda cute!

  6. >Here in San Francisco we have a different issue in the weather department. Last week it was in the upper 60's and this week it's back in the low 50's. Makes the winter 30 for 30 a bit more difficult! Can't wait to make your T shirt necklace this weekend!

  7. >I love how you have the color swatches AND the items laid out underneath your photos! I really wish my Photoshop wasn't being such a jerk and working properly! Your beautiful posts make me feel like a slacker! And I just noticed you were wearing the scarf you made!! Amazing.I'm loving my first 30 for 30, and hope I will straight through till the end :)Finding Fashionista Friends

  8. >This is such a cute look, and definitely proof that you don't need a limitless budget or wild statement pieces to look chic and pulled together – sort of what the 30 for 30 is all about! Your adorable t-shirt necklace and print headband pull this simple look together flawlessly, and I am always excited to get inspiration from other flat-wearers :)(Also, man that pizza sounds good!)the other emily

  9. >Love the sweater! I love those kind of sleeves – they just give a little something extra (plus they are more forgiving, lets be honest). Also I like the open front of them so you can still see your layers underneath – adds visual interest. Cute!!

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