>3/30: The Magic Number


Chambray button-up (Beall’s Outlet, $12), Route 66 Tank (Kmart clearance, $2.99), Simply Vera skinnies (Khol’s sale, $19.99), Payless flats ($12.99)

In an effort to make some time to visit all of your blogs this evening and catch up on your 30 for 30 kick-offs, I’m getting a jump start on #3 and posting this as I run out the door to head to work. I’m digging this being-ahead-of-the-game-and-on-time thing, but let’s be honest with ourselves… it’s only day 3 and a lot can happen between now and 30. So far, so good! 

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I'm a small town girl from the sunshine state with an affinity for bookstores, beauty counters and unfussy style. I spend my days running my flower shop, and my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear. (Or watching Netflix and drinking wine.)

27 thoughts on “>3/30: The Magic Number

  1. >I love how you show the color blocking of your outfits-coming up with unique color combinations has become one of the most challenging parts of this 30 for 30 for me! Also kudos to you for getting your outfit post done so early in the day!

  2. >I am ahead of my picture taking right now to and I am rather proud but I have a sinking feeling that it will not last! I am planning on doing a tank top over a shirt during the challenge too and seeing yours gives me hope it will be cute and stylish. Is it just me or did your followers shoot up overnight…maybe I just have not noticed but anyway congrats to you!

  3. >I wish I had time to look through all of the zillions of blogs that are on the 30 for 30 link list! I like the way you are doing that color stripe thing next to your outfits. I'm also jealous that you don't have to wear 16 layers and still freeze… like me. :) http://all-about-aj.blogspot.com

  4. >Whoops! Sorry Wobisobi! Hey, you're adorable too. ;)It's working, it's working! :) Except in my case because I do my reading at night. :\ You=adorablestopitsoadorable.

  5. >So much can happen indeed. imagine all the possibilities! love the blue tone and the pink stripes! peace out! good luck today!

  6. >Love this! It makes me yearn for spring up here in the northeast, though. I will totally rock something like this come warmer weather!etcillustration.blogspot.com

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