>Project ReStyle: A Wearable Placemat



I used to have a full set of these dark olive ultra-suede placemats from Pier 1, but over the years they seem to have disappeared, one by one. I’m down to only two, and since a single pair won’t do me much good, they seemed a great candidate for a ReStyle!

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I’ve wanted to try a bib necklace for a while now, and this seemed like a good a time as any!
I started with this template from Pom Pom Emporium and traced it onto the back of the placemat with a white colored pencil and cut it out with sharp fabric scissors. 


The placemat had several layers, so after cutting out the pattern I peeled them all away, except for the suede which became the base of the bib. 


I have a big collection of beads from a previous jewelry-making hobby, and they came in handy for this project. If I weren’t so lazy, I’d have sewn them all on. But I am, so I hot-glued them instead in a totally random pattern.


I’m kind of a glue gun novice (and I bought the cheapest one Joann’s had) so I ended up with spiderweb-like glue strings everywhere. I cleaned them all up, which was the most time consuming part of this whole project. 


Using the same placemat I used for the bib, I cut out two long strips to use as neck straps. I peeled off all the layers again, using only the suede. 


I glued the straps to the bib, and tied them up in an easy bow.

Done and done! 


5 down, 47 to go!

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  1. >Holy crap you killed it. Freaking Haute Hippie charges about $3985739857 for one of those! Do you think it would be brutal to bead it real close together? That one's my dream…only it might way 14lbs thereby defeating the purpose…arghback to bed. argh again,c

  2. >I'm living vicariously through your project restyle posts–you're totally inspiring me to be more crafty! The best part is they look doable even for a klutz like me :)

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