>5/30: [insert witty dumpster reference here]


Chambray shirt (Beall’s Outlet, $12), Jessica Simpson scarf (Macy’s clearance, $6), INC dark grey skinnies (Macy’s clearance, $17), Romeo & Juliet Couture faux leather jacket (Hautelook, $39 – 85% off!), Payless knot ballet flats ($19.99)

Don’t you hate when annoying and inappropriate songs get stuck in your head? For instance, when I was thinking about a title for this post (and naturally trying to come up with something about dumpsters; man, we’re getting desperate for photo spots) the only thing I could think of was “dumps like a truck”, which has snowballed into a mind-numbing cycle of the Thong Song on endless repeat for the last two hours. 
And now it’s probably stuck in your head, too. 

20 thoughts on “>5/30: [insert witty dumpster reference here]

  1. >That would definitely get stuck, it's just one of those songs. However Glee is coming on in about 5 minutes. So I'm looking forward to one of those implanting in my brain for a little while. Also, I love the jacket, I've been looking for one forever and I'm too picky haha.


  2. >Ha Ha- the thong song- hadn't thought about that song in years!! You look super cute even if you do put annoying songs in my head!!!Sherry Bhttp://theburnettlife.blogspot.com


  3. >I worked at a fish market when the Thong Song came out, and I used to have it stuck in my head ALL THE TIME. I decided to make up new fish-centric lyrics to the song, and soon the whole market was singing "let me see those prawns."


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