>6/30: Ruffles and Beads


Ya seed bead tunic (m.marie, $42), Madison cardigan (Belk clearance, $13), Bleu jeggings ($19.99), Payless flats ($12.99)
Edited photos with The Pioneer Woman‘s photoshop action, “Lovely & Ethereal”

23 thoughts on “>6/30: Ruffles and Beads

  1. >Can I just say that I'm so jealous that you canwear a light weight cardigan and leggings without boots (or the fact that you can even see green grass right now)? I live in the northeast and all I've been seeing is snow, snow, snow…and it's been blustery and cold everyday! As always: love the outfit…colors were great :)


  2. >Dear Keira, please don't be offended that I'm not going to write to you today. Just know that I still love you, dearly.Onward…Dear Keira's Cardigan, if you wanted to magically appear in my closet on Sunday morning, so I could have you as my birthday present, I wouldn't be mad at all. In fact, I would hug you and wear you carefully. And if you wanted, I would put you in your own special place, even tucked into the guest bed all for yourself. I know you have a good home, but I'm just letting you know that you have options.Fondly,Kimberly


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