>Project ReStyle: Birds of a Feather(duster)


The inspiration for this ReStyle came straight from the pages of this month’s InStyle magazine, in Jenni’s DIY column (by the way, do yourself a favor and add her blog, I Spy DIY, to your blogroll). I bought this feather duster years ago for a costume party and was pretty disappointed to learn afterward that it doesn’t clean worth a hill of beans. I’d forgotten all about it until I came across Jenni’s idea of using its feathers for an easy DIY clutch. 
Read more for details! 

It’s really pretty simple. All you need is a feather duster, a clutch (I picked this one up at a thrift store for $3) and a hot glue gun. 
Start by cutting off the feathers as close to the base as possible. 

My clutch had a flap, which looking back, wasn’t exactly ideal. I should have used a flat one with a zipper closure, but whatevs. I hot glued the feathers on in a row, cutting them to a length so they just overlapped the bottom of the flap. 


Then I kept gluing in layers, working my way over the top and toward the back, covering the quills as I worked. [Tip: make sure you glue down the tips of the quills so they don’t poke out of the feathers]. 


When I reached the top of the clutch, I folded the feathers over and glued them down on either side. 


Finally, I repeated the layers from the front on the back side, covering the tips of the quills under other feathers as I went, and glued a few feathers down the sides of the clutch to cover as much ivory leather as possible.  


From start-to-finish, the project took about 40 minutes. Clean-up took a good chunk of that time, because little pieces of down floated everywhere. But I’m happy with the result!


Author: Keira Lennox

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