>14/30: Mellow Yellow


It’s Friday night, and I’m sitting in my home office listening to Undead and Unwed on iTunes and doing a few craft projects — a couple of which involve breaking in my new Bedazzler. Yup, that’s right. I’m bringing back old school… next week you may see me sporting neon scrunchies and layered socks. 
I don’t know what’s more exciting, my social life or the tiny rainbow rhinestones I’m about to set all over everything I own {C should probably lock up his closet}. 

37 thoughts on “>14/30: Mellow Yellow

  1. >The funny thing is, I have students who are doing the layer socked thing! It's scary how some of the trends are coming back. And your Friday night sounds very similar to my Saturday nights!


  2. >This is awesome. : ) As a joke, I bedazzled a picture of my father-in-law (who is uber macho) for Christmas. I think it was the best gift I've ever given…at least from my standpoint!


  3. >Love the mustard with the leopard-print; it's so unexpected and cheerful! Also, it's a Friday night and I'm poking around on blogs before going to bed. And that's fine by me!


  4. >lol I'm cracking up over here, and I'm strangely intrigued with the fact that you bought a Bedazzler…can't wait to see what you embellish! Also, I love your leopard headband/scarf/whichever one it is…so cute! Have a great weekend :)


  5. >are you serious?!? Someone at work gave me a bedazzler yesterday at work (they weren't using it anymore)! Oh, this calls for a bedazzling session when we get coffee :)


  6. >I think I neeeeed to see this bedazzler you speak of in action. If you show up next week with sparkly socks it just might spark a rebirth!! xo,C


  7. >Yayy BeDazzler. I don't have one, but I can only imagine it ending in horror for me. My entire wardrobe would end up sparkly. Also, love the cardi, I've been searching for one like this but with buttons to no avail. I may be giving up soon and getting something like this!


  8. >I was weary on what kind of bottoms to use but I love skinny jeans to death, but seeing how you are able to use them I am confident for my day one :)


  9. >Oh you are so so sweet! Cute stationary is definitely the best. Right now I have a drawer overfilling with cute notepads! Thanks for coming by the blog again, Hope you're having a great weekend!


  10. >I'm a turban-lover too. I think you've inspired me on this frizzy drizzly day. The yellow top and the orange bracelet speak to me too. They say: "I'm happy!" Oh man, I need more coffee…Sorry for dorking out in your comments section!


  11. >i have a yellow top like that…and now i know the perfect outfit to go w/ it! thanks :)-AAfollow me, please?iknowtheressunshinebeyondthatrain.blogspot.com


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