>Mondays are for comfort…


Lauren Conrad sweater (Kohl’s clearance, $15) | edme & esyllte top (thrifted, $2.50) | Divine Rights of Denim jeans (m.marie, 2009) | Michelle D nude flats (Dillard’s Clearance, $11)

… So throw on your super-steal-Anthro-top, the jeans from a couple of years ago that used to be skinnies — but now are more like relaxed fit {hello, perks of running around a flower shop like a crazy lady six days a week} — and wrap it all up in a big cozy sweater. 

You’ll be glad you opted for the jeans later when you sit down for a big dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, followed by a dangerously delicious cookie (or seven) for dessert. Stay tuned for that cookie recipe.

13 thoughts on “>Mondays are for comfort…

  1. >duuuuude. Mondays are for comfort around these parts too! Mostly because it was raining…like torrential downpour today. But your comfort is adorable. xoxo!


  2. >1. I still don't own a big, cozy sweater. I sense a problem with this matter. I'd like to take it up with whom ever is in charge.2. I don't care if you are wearing jeans, a dress, or yoga pants- You ALWAYS look amazing.3. Why is your grass green and mine is still brown and prickly? Let's work on that, mmmk?


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