>Project ReStyle: Plain White Tee


032411(1)  032411(2)
032411(3)  032411(4)
Plain white t-shirt + lazy afternoon + acrylic paint = ReStyle! 
Read more to see the easy peasy photo “tutorial”…
which implies that things may get technical, but trust me, they do not.

RestyleTee1  RestyleTee
RestyleTee5  RestyleTee4
RestyleTee6  RestyleTee7

27 thoughts on “>Project ReStyle: Plain White Tee

  1. >So cute and effortless — and I almost paid an arm and a leg for a very similar shirt at LOFT this weekend. Hmm…There's something about spring restyling — I just posted about a newly embellished cardigan!


  2. >Such a cute and casual look. I definitely plan on making one. But I need to use a different color, this shirt looks too much like the one I wore today :-)nomapisasubstitute.blogspot.com


  3. >this reminds me of the time i bought my husband a yellow shirt and painted black stripes on it so that he could be a killer bee for halloween. the stripes were all uneven. i think i will try this but with vertical stripes. maybe i will go find the yellow shirt i painted and find a way to remix it for myself!


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