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Sunny Leigh tunic (Macy’s clearance, $9) | Armani Exchange jeans (Plato’s Closet, $20) | Nine West scarf (Beall’s Outlet, $4) | Style&Co wedges (Macy’s, 2009) | Handmade sterling silver spoon ring (local art show)

My grandmother collected sterling silver spoon rings. For as long as I can remember, her pretty little hands {which she would argue weren’t pretty because she had arthritis, but I thought were lovely} were always adorned with a coat of delicate clear pink polish and her shiny, curvy spoon rings.

Every year my community holds a big art festival downtown. Last year I stopped at the booth of an elderly couple who do amazing things with fine silverware — charms, wind chimes, animal figurines, and an assortment of jewelry {including spoon rings!}. This year’s festival was a couple of weeks ago, and I decided to take a stroll around and see what was new. As I walked by the mixed media paintings and handmade jewelry, I remembered that couple and decided to pay them a visit.

I told them about my grandmother’s collection. We talked about her passing last summer and how much I miss her, and then and there I decided to start a collection of my own. They pulled this beautiful ring from a special stash of pieces, and explained that they’d made it with a silver spoon they purchased at an estate sale in Norway. We all agreed that it would be the perfect first piece. 

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29 thoughts on “>Treasure Hunting

  1. >The story about your grandmother is so sweet. Mine collected all sorts of different salt and pepper shakers. Sometimes I think of starting my own collection like that.Also, you are absolutely gorgeous. Just thought I'd share. :)

  2. >Oh my goodness, I'm in love with this ring! I love that his designs would be like an updated, modern version of her collection :) Does he have a website?!

  3. >What a sweet story! I wasn't that close to my grandmother but I can see how special it would have been… And that sweet couple definitely gave you the perfect first piece, it's gorgeous!I also love this neutral on jean look. I feel like a I haven't seen a good clean neutral on jean look in quite a while.

  4. >I love, love spoon rings. My mom always wore one as her wedding ring. Yours is one of the prettiest I have ever seen. Lucky!!

  5. >Really great story. I try to incorporate family pieces in my wardrobe every day. Lovely to see your ring and hear your story. Thanks for sharing!www.mothermayiborrow.blogspot.com

  6. >That is such a unique ring, and the perfect start to what I'm sure will be a wonderful collection!Super-cute outfit today. I really like your printed scarf!

  7. >That is a really beautiful story about your Grandmother. Those spoon rings are gorgeous, I haven't seen anything like that before.

  8. >I love the story about how your ring came to be yours. That was sweet of the couple to find something that special for you. I love silver spoon rings now….so here I go to peruse etsy;) Have a lovely day!

  9. >That top on you? UH-mazing. Just sayin'. And bubble tea… hmmm… It was a fun experience, but here's my conclusion: if I'm going to eat something that packed with sugar (it tastes like pure sugar), it better be a caramel frap or a jamba juice or something utterly delicious, not something with balls and a so-so flavor. I hope that made sense. : / Have a great day!

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