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Express floral top (older than old) | Lauren Conrad sweater (Kohl’s clearance, $15) | Bleu jeggings | Michelle D nude flats (Dillard’s clearance, $11) | American Eagle belt (even older than that top) 
I didn’t leave the planet… just the state. 
Last weekend, C and I took a romantic little weekend road trip to Charleston, SC for our friends’ wedding. I had grandiose plans to pack a suitcase full of adorable vacation outfits and take a bah-gillion photos of the wedding, the gorgeous Lowcountry scenery, the beautiful dresses my friend Cathy loaned me for the occasion, the delicious food…

But Mother Nature had different plans. On Thursday afternoon, the day before we left, a terrible storm ripped through the county and spun off a torrent of small tornados all over the place. One of them went right over our house (we’re talking take cover in the hallway weather) and threw some things around our neighborhood and knocked out our electricity. I had to finish packing with a flashlight in the dark, but a few funnel clouds couldn’t ruin our trip!

However, I didn’t take a single picture {shame, shame blogger}. I’ll try to recap it throughout the week by stealing my friends’ photos ;-) 

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