>Project ReStyle: The Long and Short of It


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I’m loving easy denim shorts for spring and summer — especially when they’re cuffed and a longer length. We just finished watching the last season of Weeds on Netflix, and I loved Nancy’s go-to cuffed denim shorts that she wore in almost every episode. I decided to hack one of my favorite pair of jeans (Divine Rights of Denim from m.marie a few years ago) into a similar pair. They don’t fit as well as skinnies anymore since I’ve lost a few pounds, but they’re a perfect fit for shorts. 
To make sure the hems turned out even, I just folded the legs up evenly to meet the top of the waist and cut straight across with sharp fabric scissors. Then rolled them up a couple of times into a cuff. Could not be easier [read: lazier] friends. 
Can’t wait to pair these with cute spring wedges and an easy breezy top. 
Moral of the story, kiddos: Think twice before you throw old jeans into the donation pile. ReStyle ’em! 

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I’m a small town girl from the sunshine state with an affinity for bookstores, beauty counters and unfussy style.

I spend my days running my flower shop, and my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear.

(Or watching Netflix and drinking wine.)

25 thoughts on “>Project ReStyle: The Long and Short of It

  1. >i have done this with a couple of pairs of jeans & i love it! you get the perfect length you want when you diy!! :) so happy it's time to start pulling out the shorts! :)

  2. >I too was smitten by Nancy's shorts! I love her easy, laid-back, California style, though I don't think I could rock a sheer top like she can. I actually went out and thrifted some jeans to cut off after watching the last season, even though I already have a lot of pairs–I get very attached to my jeans.And why does Weeds always have to wrap up with a cliffhanger?!

  3. >I love the idea of just folding them to the top and cutting. That is so much easier than measuring! I may have to do that myself with some ill fitting pairs I have in the closet! Genius!

  4. >This is a great way to extend the life of damaged or ill fitting jeans. I have at least two pairs already. Probably will be making a 'new' pair soon. :-)nomapisasubstitute.blogspot.com

  5. >Can't wait to see you wearin' em!!I have a pair of cut offs, but they're more like daisy dukes… tho mostly because that's where the rip was in my jeans! :D

  6. >Can't wait to see you wearin' em!!I have a pair of cut offs, but they're more like daisy dukes… tho mostly because that's where the rip was in my jeans! :D

  7. >First- is that your dog in the pictures below? So ADORABLE! :) Second, You denim cutoffs came out so good! I have tried this multiple times and for some reason when I try them on they always look funny! I love the length you made them!xo Lynzyhttp://sparklingfootsteps.blogspot.com

  8. >love this idea and will definitely be trying it. i noticed nancy's shorts while watching weeds, too! :) thanks for sharing your brilliance!

  9. >I did this last summer to my favorite pair of jeans that were worn out at the knee and heel. It was the perfect way to save my favs while not looking like a slob. Can't wait for the summer to get here so we can all be busting out the shorts! – Katy

  10. >I love how they style Nancy!!! Mary Louise Parker is one hot tamale. Thanks for the refashion tut, I live way farther north from you and west, so I won't be in shorts season till late May…oh and there isn't anything wrong with being pale.

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