>all tapped out.


Striped tee (Belk clearance, $10) | White House Black Market wide-leg jeans (thrifted, $5) | Style&Co wedges (Macy’s sale)

It’s been a long and busy week, and as I sit here tap-tapping away on my Macbook {I’ve already written, erased, and started over at least four times} I’m just at a loss for words. I think I may have used them all up throughout the week chatting with customers about their Easter orders, running game plans with my staff  to control the crazy, and a couple of much-needed gabfests with girlfriends over cocktails. Sometimes you just have to post a few photos of your steal of a spring-trend-showcasing outfit and call it a day. 

18 thoughts on “>all tapped out.

  1. >i saw your title and it describes my current state perfectly. holy mother of exhausted. i bet you had a wild week! and mother's day is just around the corner…rest up sister.


  2. >I know how you feel. I often feel at a loss for words on my blog, which is SO unlike me in person. Really pretty outfit, sometimes it's nice just to leave it at that.nomapisasubstitute.blogspot.com


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