>Sometimes I walk an invisible dog. While fishing.


Tori Richard dress (Marshall’s, 2009) | Madison cardigan (Belk clearance) | INC cropped denim jacket | Steve Madden ruffle sandals | thrifted scarf and belt | Walmart watch

There’s a little pond and a big lake on the other side of our street, and C loves to walk over and go fishing in the evenings after work. Every now and then he drags Doak and me out, too… usually wooing me over with promises of helping with outfit shots and/or taking me to dinner so I don’t have to cook. It’s a pretty good trade. 

Doak just wasn’t feeling a photo shoot on this sunny afternoon last week. Sometimes he’s such a diva, avoiding the camera and acting all lethargic and uninterested. If you look closely, you can see a sliver of his fluffy backside in the first photo. When I hit the big time, I’m hiring a Doodle double.


9 thoughts on “>Sometimes I walk an invisible dog. While fishing.

  1. >I am so jealous of all the summer looks on blogs these days. Here in Vancouver it's rain and gloom! I love the combination of green and yellow here :)and yah, my puppy is just as picky with the camera. Little diva for sure


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