>RIP Favorite Skinnies.


Express embellished cami (too old to remember) | Madison jacket (Belk clearance, $14) |  Simply Vera skinnies (Kohl’s) | Dollhouse sandals (Ross, $14) | Tyler Rodan bag (Beall’s Outlet, $40)

These photos were taken just days before these jeans met their untimely fate. 

I worked an obscene amount of hours last week, leaving the house before 8:00am and getting home around 7:00pm every night. My poor spoiled Doodle did not take too kindly to the resulting lack of attention and trips to the dog park, and decided to show me just how much he didn’t appreciate it by acting out. 

The hit list: 

My brand-spanking-new nude Nine West slingbacks. Shredded the heel of one of them. 
At least three hair elastics and a headband, swallowed whole.
The aforementioned bank deposit envelope from my bag. 
A yet-to-be-determined number of panties. Also swallowed whole. 
My beloved dark wash Simply Vera skinnies. He chewed the butt right out of them while we were sleeping. 

I’m trying to think of a way to ReStyle them into something else… Any ideas? 

In the meantime, I’ll be taking the little monster for morning walks and evening trips to the dog park at least four times this week to be sure none of my other favorite things fall victim to his toothy temper. 

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I'm a small town girl from the sunshine state with an affinity for bookstores, beauty counters and unfussy style. I spend my days running my flower shop, and my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear. (Or watching Netflix and drinking wine.)

19 thoughts on “>RIP Favorite Skinnies.

  1. >gasp- that made my heart sink. i hope your doggy's little belly is ok! good luck with the jeans…he ate the bum out? maybe you could fashion a little clutch out of the legs and make little denim flowers for headbands???

  2. >gasp- that made my heart sink. i hope your doggy's little belly is ok! good luck with the jeans…he ate the bum out? maybe you could fashion a little clutch out of the legs and make little denim flowers for headbands???

  3. >Oh my goodness I feel your pain!! My dog hardly ever chews things…. except when he's bored or obviously annoyed with me. It usually is always pants. I have learned to put them up high instead of the hamper but some how…. SOME HOW he always managed to find a pair and chew the butt out of them. It's like you couldn't pick a better place to chew because now I can never wear them again! The things we do for dogs :)

  4. >ahhhhh that's awful! luckily they are just jeans but still… fave jeans! no good. i bet you could make some pretty sweet denim leg warmers out of 'em. (i kid.)

  5. >Oh wow! That sounds like a lot of damaged. Hope the dog is ok after eating all that! My old roommates cats really scratched my (then) new Frye boots! I was NOT happy at the time!Not sure what to do about your jeans. A missing butt is a bit of a problem ;)

  6. >Oh no!! I'm sorry to hear that, I remember when my dog was a teething puppy, it was awful! Not that it helps right now but try to put everything away, leave nothing accessible. I got in the habit of doing this when my dog was going through that phase so I could set him up for success instead of leaving temptation. I hope you find a great replacement for your skinnies! Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  7. >RIP skinnies. It's so sad when your favorite piece is no longer wearable. But, these shoes are awesome! nomapisasubstitute.blogspot.com

  8. >My darling basset girl ate several shoes, but if JUST the heel was ruined, take them to your local shoe repair place. I still have a pair of black slingbacks I hope can be saved… She's only chewed buttons off of shirts for me, but she routinely eated holes in the hub's work jeans. It's his fault; he sorts laundry in front of the crate, and then she'll pull a pair or three through the wire…

  9. >Ow, that's a lot of damage! My restyle suggestion: Take the front part with the pockets and zipper. Make a new back part from one of the legs. Turn the remaining fabric into a ruffle and add it at the bottom of the mini-mini skirt you have. Add a contrasting piece of fabric as a second ruffle underneath if it's too short as-is. I did this with two broken pants of mine, and the result is here (though I must admit I don't wear it often because the waist is higher than I like): http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_1y3znn0qnOo/TNwrq2yMX9I/AAAAAAAAB0Q/gdIZuY3idjk/s1600/IMG_5398.JPG

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