>Par for the Course


My husband, the athlete. I’m perfectly content spending a weekend afternoon reading books and watching reality TV reruns on the couch. Not Mister-Ants-in-the-Pants… he’s not happy unless he’s moving, running, or whacking some kind of ball. 
So not only does he drag me outside to fish, he drags me to the golf course, too. 
On a recent weekend golf outing, he played 9 holes and I drove the cart, drank iced tea, and ran around the course snapping photos (using a few of the new tricks I picked up from these super helpful tips over at Kevin and Amanda!). As much as I hate to admit it — because I was super whiny about being ousted off of the aforementioned couch — it was a pretty perfect afternoon! 
You can check out some of my new photography skills after the jump… 

IMG_9977 IMG_9974
IMG_9998 IMG_9876
IMG_9888 IMG_9967
IMG_9879 IMG_9964

In case you’re wondering, I have a Canon Rebel XS (love, love, love it) and the lens it came with. We’re hoping to splurge on some new lenses soon. I’d appreciate any recommendations! 

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7 thoughts on “>Par for the Course

  1. >My husband is the same way!  We live on a canyon, so there is a lot of hiking, biking and climbing.  He loves to golf too, given the opportunity!  I am like you, I would love to sit on the couch and read or watch a movie.  I like to work in the garden, or sew, but I am content if there is a little quiet time.  Hard to come by with our two young sons.  I also have a canon digital rebel XS. LOVE IT. I recently got a new lens and decided to go with the 50mm.  I really like it.  I am taking some time getting to know it, but like you, I am aquiring new photo skills daily! Keep on! 

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