>Weekend Update


Weekend Wedding
Going to the chapel!
We designed, delivered, and set up our biggest wedding of the season on Saturday.
Date night to a charity cocktail party and a long overdue romantic dinner with my favorite guy.
(Wearing INC silk romper and the shoes below)  
The newest addition to my completely-impractical-but-oh-so-fabulous shoe collection.
A studded pair of platform Kathy van Zeeland stilettos,
scored at Beall’s Outlet Saturday afternoon for a mere $39.99!
Goodbye, nasty carpet!!
C’s weekend warrior project: ripping up our carpet.
New floors are coming this week — horray!
What I’m reading.
I found this at the used bookstore, and had it on my bookshelf for almost a year before I cracked it open.
I don’t know why I waited so long. It’s smart and witty, and you’ll never watch The Wizard of  Oz with the same eyes again.
Gorgeous Florida afternoon.
Spent the entire day Sunday outside reading in the grass, working on DIY projects on the patio, an al fresco lunch with C…
So lovely.
Sneak peek of this week’s ReStyle! Inspired by Christina :-)

7 thoughts on “>Weekend Update

  1. >If you like "Wicked" you should read the rest of the series. They are all so good and well written. I had a hard time putting them down. PS those shoes are AMAZING! 


  2. >You hair looks SO FLIPPIN GOOD in the romper pic!  And you're like the 4th person to look awesome in a romper this week, makes me think it is a sign that I need one ;)  


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