>A His-to-Hers ReStyle: Collared Halter Top





Early last week, my real-life friend and style inspiration Christina posted a ReStyle tutorial for turning an old button-up into a cute collared halter for spring/summer. I fell in love, and the instructions were easy enough for even a novice DIY’er like myself! Check out Christina’s step-by-step on her blog, 6petals
I searched through C’s closet for a shirt to hack up, and came across this blue one in the very back. When I asked if I could have it [and why I haven’t seen him wear it in years] he said, “you should recognize that shirt.” It took me a second, and then I remembered that he wore this on our first blind date that started it all way back when! 
I used the same steps as Christina, but with a couple of modifications since I was working with a mens shirt. I started by removing the pocket with a seam ripper, and shortened the hem with a pair of pinking shears. Finally, I gathered the back with a little accordion fold and a simple stitch, covering all the exposed threads with a big cute button (’cause ya’ll know I can’t sew!
I’m really happy with the way it turned out… what do you think? 

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