>higher temps, shorter hemlines.




Elle lace print cardi (Kohl’s clearance, $15) | Route 66 tank (Kmart clearance, $3) | tie waist chambray shorts (Marshall’s, $15) | Style & Co wedges (Macy’s, 2010)

As much as I hate to accept it, no amount of kicking and screaming will keep the Florida summer at bay. The thermometer keeps creeping up and up every day, and as the temps rise into the mid-90’s {it’s only May!} girls all over the sunshine state are flocking for easy lightweight shorts, breezy dresses, and lots and lots of linen. It’s almost time to pack up my beloved skinnies and leggings and start shopping for my summer stockpile. 

Did you hear that, honey? I just have to shop so I don’t get heat stroke! It’s a matter of life or death. I’ll get the credit card from you later. 

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I'm a small town girl from the sunshine state with an affinity for bookstores, beauty counters and unfussy style. I spend my days running my flower shop, and my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear. (Or watching Netflix and drinking wine.)

23 thoughts on “>higher temps, shorter hemlines.

  1. >I can't believe how hot it is already, this year. I live in Arizona and it's totally crazy… It was 100 degrees around 11am, yesterday! For the first few weeks of summer temps I feel like giving up on fashion and living in the pool. or the freezer.

  2. >Haha, my Floridian friends were telling me this week, as I waxed rhapsodic about how nice 90 degree weather sounds in contrast the the gray, rainy, chilly spring we've had in the Pacific NW, that there's no one paler than a Floridian in the summer because it's so hot you have to stay inside in the cool embrace of the A/C all day. That's all to say that I'm surprised you're outside at all… let alone looking cool and collected and not like a large pile of heat stroke (which is what I think I'd look like.)

  3. >you always look so happy.  i SWEAR it's that 90 degree temp! we're wavering around in the 60's and hoping for a 90.  love those shorts!

  4. >I lived in Pensacola for a year, so I have a small understanding of FL humidity – how you have such pretty hair everyday is amazing to me!Love the lace detail on the sweater. :)

  5. >I'd just like to know how you manage to always have flawless hair in humid, 90 degree FL weather???  Now get out there and get shopping, and if you don't mind I might follow your lead tell the hubs that "Kiera's doin' it" so I should be too ;)

  6. >That's a really pretty cardi you got there :-) And oh my, if I'd ever have the luxury to complain about frequent high temperatures! I love them! But I have to hand it to you, even *here* people are complaining all the time, even if we rarely get temperatures around 100. But they complain when we don't get a "real" summer, too, LOL. It's both fun to watch and mildly annoying. I had a colleague who would complain about the missing sun for weeks at a time, and when one little ray managed to sneak through the office window one day, she immediately held her hand in front of her face and literally screamed "SUN! Go away!" and slammed the blinds shut. Uh… yeah. :-)Relatable Style

  7. >Lovely shorts they're perfect – not too short just that lovely flattering length. I wish it was sunny where I am! Sarahhttp://fashionismyh2o.blogspot.com/xx

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