It’s Ladies Night!

i heart ronson striped sweater c/o JCPenney | Tommy Hilfiger black skinnies (Macy’s clearance) | Seychelles gypsy heels (I got mine at Marshall’s, but you can find them here!) | Thrifted belt and clutch | Drugstore sunnies | Betsey Johnson watch (50% off at Dillards)




It  was ladies’ night. Last night, that is. And this is what I wore.

I met up with girlfriends for a few (plus a few more) hours of drinks followed by dinner downtown. My philosophy about girls’ night out goes a little something like this: Put on something cute and comfy {saving the sexy get-ups for date nights, because I’m not out trying to snag a man}, throw all stress and worry to the wind, and abandon all notions of calories and carbohydrates.

I have a really amazing and dynamic group of friends. If it weren’t for them and our near-weekly wine nights, I’m pretty sure I’d have some substantial therapy bills. Love you girls!

6 thoughts on “It’s Ladies Night!

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! Libations and carbs, yes please. Speaking of ladies night, we need to start planning the next one!


  2. Good wine and great company, there is nothing more fabulous! Love the outfit, accessories, and nail color…what is that?


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