DIY At-Home Spa Pedi


You don’t have to venture out to a nail salon every time you want to freshen up your toes! With a few inexpensive tools and products, you can make your own salon kit at home. You’ll have to splurge a little on supplies in the beginning, but your cost per use will add up to big savings over time. You can take the $25 a week you’d spend on a professional pedi and put it toward something fun – like new shoes ;-)


I like to keep all of my supplies organized {cough; OCD}, so I always know what I have and don’t buy unnecessary duplicates. That’s a Caboodle, ya’ll. From way back in the day. I’m pretty sure I’ve had this little storage wonder since I was 10, when I filled it with Lip Smackers, Noxema, and neon scrunchies.


Start with a foot spa, available at any drugstore or major retailer. Fill it with hot water, and add some salts or soaks to help soften dry skin. I always stockpile epsom salt for pedicures and baths (it’s cheap and great for soothing tired muscles) and I love this foot soak from Sally Hansen. Let your tootsies soak in this cocktail for about 15 minutes, or as long as your little heart desires. Just don’t let them get too pruney!


Post-soak, give your feet a good scrubbin’ with a polishing lotion or pumice stone (or both!). Clipping is much easier when your nails are softened from the soak; they’re less likely to split leave the edges smooth. Trim your nails with a good pair of sharp clippers, and shape them with a medium nail file.  Finally, buff your nails with a fine block file to remove polish stains and smooth ridges.


Apply a cuticle remover to moist cuticles, and then gently push them back with a cuticle tool or an orange stick. I follow up this step by massaging in a cuticle cream or oil. Then treat your feet to a little extra love by rubbing in a moisturizing foot cream, paying extra attention to dry heels. Bonus if you can talk your sweetie into a foot massage right about now…

Now let’s get painting. Start with a good base coat — you really can’t beat OPI. Let it dry completely, and follow up with two smooth coats of color. Today I used OPI Pink of Hearts. You can finish with a top coat, but if you use a good quality nail polish you can skip it.

IMG_1434   IMG_1469


If summer sandals leave your heels dry and cracked, smooth on an extra emollient heel cream every night before you go to bed.

Happy feet!

Author: Keira Lennox

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