30 for 30: Halfway There!

striped tank dress (Ross, $10) | chambray button-up (Beall’s Outlet) | thrifted belt | Antonio Melani leather espadrilles



Mom’s Maltese, Henry, the photo bomb.

When I was getting dressed this morning {after some weekend laundry catch-up} I noticed that there are a few pieces from my 30 that I haven’t worn yet in this remix. This striped tank dress was one of them. So I threw it on, and realized about halfway through the morning that short dresses paired with wedges are neither practical nor comfortable for work. You can’t even imagine the awkward bending, sitting, and dress tugging that went down all day. I’ll have to wear shorts or pants tomorrow to catch up on all the work I avoided today.

I think I’ll move this dress to the “play clothes” section of the closet…

18 thoughts on “30 for 30: Halfway There!

  1. love the stripes and the bright shoes! the nail polish really caught my eye…what color is that? im a polish junkie…lol


  2. I love the pop of color with those yellow shoes! The chambray shirt is very cool as a layering piece. What color is that nail polish color, it’s got such a nice, deep color.


  3. haha, i’ve definitely had that problem before. i have a short skirt + a pair of heels in my 30, and those are the only 2 things i haven’t worn! i wonder why i included them in the first place!!!

    that dress is supercute, though!

    caroline – pictures & words


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