30 for 30: Heat Wave

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IMG_2003 Untitled-1


IMG_1988 IMG_2020

{“can you see the lint all over my dress?!“}

Good lawd, it’s a scorcher. I know I don’t have to tell you; half of the country is in the same sweaty boat. And has anyone noticed that the heat seems to be making everyone extra cranky? I’ve had more uncomfortable confrontations in the last two days than I’ve had in the last two years, and I’ve officially reached my limit of nastiness. Unfortunately it’s way too hot to hug it out, so maybe I’ll bake a batch of cupcakes and bring them with me everywhere to disarm volatile situations with overheated crabby people.

6 thoughts on “30 for 30: Heat Wave

  1. Cupcakes!? So decadently delightful, but won’t the blazing humidity melt the icing? Such a shame that would be. I guess you’ll have to invest in a carry around cooler.


  2. hahah it’s been “hot” here the last couple days, but by “hot” i mean low 70s, AND the fog usually ends up rolling in around 5pm anyways, so i end up freezing anyway. lol. i love that dress with the striped tee!!

    caroline – pictures & words


  3. I think I am in the one pocket of the country NOT experiencing Summer up here in Seattle. It’s kinda sunny right now but not anywhere near “hot” and it has mostly been gray and overcast all month. We’ve got the crabbies up here from less than desirable weather, so maybe I will employ your cupcake trick, too :)


  4. I hear ya there lady! Even in Colorado where the summers reach in the 90’s at best, it is freaking hot and people are little crabby patties. At least you look cute though . . . .


  5. The air is so heavy with the heat and humidity here in Pa, I swear you can see it! It’s hard to be gorgeous when I’m dripping with sweat! Yuck! Even my poor iPad is moving slow because if it! Enough complaining…you look fabulous as usual!!!!!!!!
    I love your shoes!


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