Dollar Deals

Handmade top (thrifted) | American Eagle cord jeggings | American Eagle sandals (Marshall's, $12)



I bought this handmade embroidered top at a tiny hole-in-the-wall thrift store last summer for a buck. It reminds me of something my Nan would’ve cross-stitched and my Granny would’ve worn, and maybe that’s why I dig it. {insert family history lesson: Nan was Dad’s mom, Granny was Mom’s mom; they’re in heaven now, probably sharing a cup of coffee and talking each other’s ear off}.

It’s not the greatest dollar find ever recorded in the blogosphere — Yen’s dollar Texas dress currently tops my list — but it’s a victory, nonetheless.

17 thoughts on “Dollar Deals

  1. i have been wanting to get lucky enough to thrift a shirt just like this. of course having something specific in mind means I’ll never find it, but I can keep dreaming.


  2. I love that top! I think it was a special find. : ) And thank you thank you thank you for your sweet comment. I’m very nervous, but all the kind words are boosting my self esteem. And taking notes with colored pens and nice paper is the BEST! I occasionally miss school because of the note taking, so I completely agree with you!


  3. You look lovely, Keira, and I’m digging your sandals! I’m glad you found some. Are they similar to your mom’s sandals from the 80’s?


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