My Strange Addiction


black tunic top (Charlotte Russe) | Bleue jeggings | Apt 9 scarf (Kohl’s clearance) | Seychelles Gypsy sandals (I got mine at Marshalls, but you can find them here) | Betsey Johnson watch | Stella & Dot vintage links bracelet | Nails: Essie Mesmerize (fingers) and Mod Squad (toes)
This photo was snapped right around the time I spotted the sign on the bakery next door saying they’re closed for summer vacation. This is my “WTH? No cupcakes?!” face.


I know ya’ll have seen TLC’s gem of a reality show about people with crazy “addictions” that are really more dysfunctional habits and fetishes than physical dependencies. Did you see the one with the lady who sniffed gasoline from a water bottle every 10 minutes? How about the woman who ate a roll of toilet paper a day (preferably 2-ply, please)? Okay, you’ve at least seen the lady who tells us how she wipes herself with the fingernails she’s been growing for 10 years.

So, I’m thinking about writing them a letter about my own addiction: Scarves. It doesn’t matter that I call them “summer scarves,” people still look at me like I’m certifiable and politely ask in true southern form, “honey, ain’t you hot?” It’s over 100 degrees today, and when I got dressed {in the air conditioning, mind you} I decided that today was a fabulous day to rock a long — though lightweight — scarf. Then I almost died of heatstroke just walking to the car in the driveway, but it’s all good because my neck is wrapped in a stylish and colorful security blanket. So cozy.

And anyhow, I needed a little fancy. Tonight a few girlfriends and I are meeting for drinks before heading to the theater {that’s pronounced, THEE-uh-tuh, if you’re wondering} to catch a local production of Evita. Last year we saw Rag Time, and Steele Magnolias before that, and our community theater never disappoints. Looking forward to a girls’ night out!

Author: Keira Lennox

I'm a small town lady from the sunshine state with an affinity for bookstores, beauty counters and unfussy style. I spend my days running my flower shop, and my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear. (Or watching Netflix and drinking wine.)

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  • Ok, so I watched that video clip about the lady with the nails, and I was grossed out but strangely intrigued! It’s a good thing I don’t have cable or I’d probably be as addicted to that show as I am to Hoarders.

    And I do not think you’re crazy for wearing a scarf in the summer. It gets cold at the THEE-uh-tuh!

  • your outfits have been spot on lately. i like them a lot better when you’re not constricted to your 30 for 30 choices :) so pretty. and holy moly, that lady’s nails! that’s out of control.

  • I had scarf one the other day…it was 104, I felt surprisingly comfortable…..however, I did get some looks. My husband thinks I’m crazy:)

  • What an adorable look! I really love the way you’ve draped that scarf over yourself. It’s lovely! And those sandals are really beautiful! They look comfy too!

  • Your hair and scarf are so gorgeous in these pictures! I love how the scarf almost looks like a tunic over your skinny jeans.

    P.S. I applaud your scarf addiction! I am also relieved you’re not eating them because that means I’ll keep seeing you on APP and not on TLC! Hehe.

  • I tried to get rid of about 1/3 of collection recently but found myself {not surprisingly} making excuses. With that said, I do find this lovely scarf pretty awesome! Take from that what you will seeing as I have a have an addiction.

  • I love your outfit! I’ve always loved scarves but I’m always kind of afraid to use them because I don’t quite know how to “arrange” them around my neck. Any tips? I watch that show too! It’s called My Strange Addiction, it’s so interesting! Looking forward to your next DIY:)