I could really use some wellies.


Spanner sweater (thrifted with tags attached!) | INC ankle zip skinnies | Soda leopard flats (c/o Beso)




We’ve had a lot of rain this week. I’m officially not complaining; it’s been a nice change from the suffocating heat and humidity. When it’s wet outside, I just want to bundle up in cozy sweaters. And drink hot tea and cuddle up with a blanket and a good book. And nap all day. Alas, duty calls. My poor leopard flats got soaked yesterday when I was out running late deliveries, and I figured instead of ruining two pair of shoes I may as well take these out for round two.

I could really use a cute pair of rain boots right about now. Like these cute little navy floral numbers from Target. Or a fancier Coach version? Budget-shmudget. $100 wellies are completely practical for the thirty days out of the year that Florida has daily downpours… {a girl can dream}

13 thoughts on “I could really use some wellies.

  1. tea. blanket. book nap. sounds perfect. alas its 90+ outside here. maybe i can turn up the ac and fake it for a few hours. :) love the leopard flats.


  2. I went back and forth with the wellie purchase because in Colorado it doesn’t rain, it snows and then wellies are irrelevant. But I made the plunge and got high gloss black hunters and I even surprised myself with how much I wear them! I’d say don’t expect for them to pay for themselves in the first year but eventually they will! If they’re built to last.

    Also, that sweatshirt looks so comfy.


  3. I love a grey shirt and pair of skinny jeans. I think it’s the new LBD.
    If it helps you justify the cost I also wear mine in the snow with wool sock inside. Which I guess… probably isn’t very useful to you… in Florida. But I just have Yellow Old Navy ones.


  4. You and me both could use some wellies… only you have a good excuse for them and I don’t. I love the Target ones… that’s what I picture a flower shop owner wearing! :)


  5. This is such a great look! Casual but still very chic. I wish we’d get some rain here. If for no reason than to get some cute rainboots :P


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