calling all sister shopaholics…

Izod floral button-up (Beall’s Outlet) | a.n.a. safari vest (c/o jcpenney) | White House Black Market chinos (secondhand) | Style&Co wedges (Macy’s last spring) | Olsenboye foldover tote (c/o jcpenney)


Would someone please tell me where August went? Seriously. I feel like I fell asleep on June 27th and woke up August 29th. I really can’t fathom where the time is going…

Are you guys tired of seeing this Olsenboye foldover tote yet? I know, I know, I’ve been wearing it in almost every outfit post lately. But in my defense, it matches everything, my Macbook fits inside it, and it’s really comfy to carry. They’re on sale for $29.99 right now (almost half off!). And, it comes in floral. Perfect for some fall pattern mixing.

Speaking of the upcoming autumn… Who’s been building their fall wardrobes lately? Tell me your scores. I’ve been abstaining from my retail urges, so I’d like to shop vicariously through all of you. Tell me what I need this season. I figure if you help me with a list of must-haves and give me compelling reasons why they’re necessities, I’ll have a better chance of convincing Husband that I should go on a spree.

And…. Go!

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  1. 9.5.11

    I really love the Olsenboye things at JCP and the best part is that it’s pretty much always on sale!

  2. 8.30.11

    I’m in the market for some wide leg jeans. I’m thinking with a bit of a high waist and in a dark wash. I’ve been partial to skinny jeans for a few seasons now, and I feel like mixing it up. I’m not willing to shell out a ton of money for jeans though, especially ones that I consider a fad, so I’m going to hit up Target and see if I can find a pair for under $30.

  3. 8.29.11
    Hannah said:

    you are just so cute! i am loving that vest, by the way. you’ve convinced me i need one for this fall :D

    i recently started a style blog of my own. check it out here: i could use the support :)

  4. 8.29.11
    Shon said:

    Vintage pieces, boys’ blazer, lace up wedges, royal, jewel, tones, tie neck blouses, menswear, capes and ponchos, classic trenches, riding boots and heeled boots. Ooh, I am excited!! Have fun!!

  5. 8.29.11
    Sydney said:

    ohhh! Fall shopping is the BEST! I am on the hunt for a pair of suede flats, preferably in the “cranberry” tones, as well as a new blazer!!

  6. 8.29.11

    Sorry, can’t help, having to buy school clothes for 3kids means no shopping for mommy for a while…on the up side, this means late season bargains when I do cave! I think I must have a cape, new riding boots, and more pleats!

  7. 8.29.11
    ShopFast said:

    I just think you’re adorable! My fall pick would be a silk blouse with necktie. Tory Burch makes some lovely ones. 70’s chic.

  8. 8.29.11
    alaabs1 said:

    Well, you, Pinterest and a couple of random bloggers have been spurring my NEED to shop.

    I got a couple of great deals at JC Penney recently (thanks to you I actually purchased the green vest you’re wearing in these photos! $3 with some JC Penney cash I got in the mail!) And some colored jeans. I’m obsessed. Royal blue skinny jeans, and I have my eye on pale yellow as well as a ruby red.

    H&M also has some amazing basics out right now. I got a grey cottony blazer with brown suede grandpa elbows. I got an amazing pleated coral/orange skirt…I even got so carried away that I bought a poncho (definitely a what-was-I-thinking-moment).

    But the BIG shopping is about to happen Sept 7th. If you’re not familiar with the store, you’re about to fall in love: Zara. They are mainly on the east coast right now. The store is from Spain, but they are opening up their US Internet store on the 7th. This website might send you over the edge of refrain. I apologize in advance if it results in you spending an entire month’s salary as I am apt to do once it opens.

  9. 8.29.11

    so, i did this thing accidentally saturday night. where I had dinner + 2 glasses of wine, and then went shopping. 30 minutes and $200 later I had some great stuff from F21. A lot of fall stuff. Sequin striped sweatshirt (sounds terrible, is adorable), long beaded necklaces, and sheer tops were all in the mix. Good luck resisting the urge! (avoid wine.)

  10. 8.29.11
    Amy said:

    Super Cute purse. I would like to know the same thing on August.