5 new (to me) beauty buys i’m swearing by.

Remember a few months ago when I outed the contents of my ugly makeup hoard to all of the Internet, and then put myself on a self-induced grounding from all cosmetics purchases? Well, I fell off the wagon.

But there’s good news in my shameful downfall. I’ve found some of the best products I’ve ever used. Products I’m not sure how I lived without before.

Allow me to elaborate…

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is everything that people say it is. I’ve read tons of reviews about this stuff and was dying to try it, but the $42 price tag scared me away for a long time. My daily makeup routine is really simple, and I love skin that looks natural, dewy, and real. This stuff goes on with a good amount of coverage and lasts all day (I don’t even use a setting powder most of the time). Best of all, it doesn’t irritate my super sensitive skin or give me breakouts, and a little goes a long way when applied to moisturized and primed skin. {My moisturizer and primer of choice, you ask? Right now it’s Burts Bees Radiance Day Lotion with SPF 15 and my tried-and-true Korres Face Primer}.

I received a sample of Benefit’s new Stay Don’t Stray from Sephora with an order and loved it. It’s meant to be a primer for eyeshadows and concealers, but it has enough coverage to act as a concealer on its own if your dark circles are minimal. I use this every day on my lids and under my eyes, and it takes less than a full pump to cover both eyes. It’s also great for the days that I don’t have time for shadow, but want to cover any redness or discoloration on my lids.

My friend, Perry, is a makeup artist and she led me to this little gem. I’ve used Nars Orgasm for years and I don’t think there’s a better blush out there — color payoff, quality, and the ridiculous long-lastingness (is that a word?) are just a few of the amazing things about Nars blushes. When Perry started wearing Nars Blush in Desire, I became a woman obsessed. In the package, it looks neon and scary. But when lightly applied with a good blush brush to the apples of your cheeks, it’s the perfect flush of pink. At $26, it may seem like a splurge you’re not ready to make, but this stuff is worth every penny.

When I brought home the new Urban Decay Naked eye palette and started using it every day, I literally threw out all of my other shadows. It comes with a great shadow brush and a small tube of their infamous Primer Potion, and it has enough colors to create dozens of eye looks from day to night. Perfect for natural smokey eyes!

I first heard of blinc Kiss Me Mascara when I received a deluxe sample of it in my Birchbox this month. The first day I used it, I panicked and thought it pulled all of my eyelashes out. This is the craziest and most amazing mascara I’ve ever used. You apply it just like regular mascara, but when it dries, it forms tiny little tubes around each individual lash. The tubes don’t flake, smudge, or run. At all. To remove the tubes, you use lots of warm water and your fingers to pull them off of your lashes. It kind of looks like tiny little spider legs in your hands, and it’s terrifying at first, but then you get used to it and it’s kind of fun and therapeutic at the end of a long day. As a contact wearer with sensitive light eyes, it’s the best mascara I’ve found yet for daily wear.

*All images from sephora.com

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  1. 11.6.11
    ali said:

    LOVE Urban Decay Naked, perfect nuetrals for every skin tone, I hope they never discontinue!

  2. 10.11.11
    Kaitlyn said:

    I love the Urban Decay shadows! They always have gorgeous shadows. I recently became obsessed with Smashbox mascara, it goes on my lashes perfectly and makes my lashes look longer and fuller.

  3. 9.5.11
    jackie said:

    ooh, i think i’m about ready to grow up and start investing in my make up products, rather than grabbing a cheapie off the shelf quick. ive heard so much about that nars blush and i think it’s finally time to take the jump! thanks for all the tips :)

  4. 9.3.11

    That face primer & naked pallette are from my favorite iems ever! Good choice!

    xo, frillyfabulous

  5. 9.2.11

    Great list! I love Laura Mercier primer and tinted moisturizer. The loose powder is great as well. I keep hearing about Nars blush, I think I need to finally look into it!

  6. 9.2.11
    leslie said:

    So glad to hear that about the Blinc mascara. They should put that disclaimer on the bottle, I FREAKED out thinking i was losing my lashes….I don’t have any to spare!

  7. 9.2.11

    Blinc is my favorite!! I recommend the stuff to everyone that I know!

  8. 9.2.11
    Megan said:

    I absolutely LOVE laura mercier’s tined moisturizer. I felt the same way when I found it – I couldn’t believe I had ever used anything else!! I love that it’s dewy and natural and doesn’t feel like you’re caked in makeup.

    I think I might have to try that “stay, don’t stray” from Benefit.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. 9.2.11
    Shon said:

    ooh, I have been wanting to try the Urban Naked shadows. They look so smooth and rich!!

  10. 9.2.11
    ShopFast said:

    My entire makeup box is Laura Mercier and I must say EVERY product I’ve tried is beyond superb. I’m a fan of her foundation primer. Makes for flawless application of color! I’ll have to try the tinted moisturizer!

  11. 9.2.11

    I love the laura mercier too ! just got mine recently and i need nothing after that ! loved it !

    so many woots for urban decay ! should try it out then !



  12. 9.2.11
    Nicholele said:

    Ooohh…I must buy those Urban Decay shadows! Love!

  13. 9.1.11
    Aly K said:

    I got the blinc mascara in my birchbox too and I’m obsessed with it now! It’s the first mascara I’ve used in a while that doesn’t run in the summer heat or bother me when I’m wearing contacts.
    And, I’m seriously thinking about trying out that tinted moisturizer, but I don’t know if I can convince myself to drop $42 on it.

  14. 9.1.11

    My sister swears by the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer too. And, I’ve got a clinique mascara that does the same thing you are describing with the bline kiss me mascara. Very interesting!

  15. 9.1.11

    Oooh goodie! I’m almost out of blush, so I’ll have to try that kind. And love that we both changed up our blog looks today! Twinsies! xo Great minds my friend. Great minds.

  16. 9.1.11
    Sage said:

    I’m an Urban Decay girl too! I love that they have a vegan line of cosmetics. Their eyeshadows are amazing.

  17. 9.1.11
    HB said:

    i threw out all of my other shadows when i bought the naked palette too!