let’s go pretend shopping for the season transition {horray!}

My Fall Transition Wishlist

It won’t be cool enough for boots, coats and scarves around here for a while, but I’m definitely ready to incorporate some new pieces into my wardrobe for the new season. {summer rut, anyone?} On my radar: darker palettes, classic shoes and bags in rich shades of camel, a practical and stylish backpack for every day, heavy shorts (perfect for pairing with tights and boots down the road), lightweight jackets, new shapes in denim, and lots o’ leopard. I spent entirely too much time perusing Polyvore this evening picking out my favorite things, but no bank accounts or credit cards were harmed in the making of this wish list set. All of these items are budget friendly basics and they’re just begging to jump in my closet before the end of September.

Crochet cardigan
$45 – shopruche.com

Emily and Fin long shirt
$38 – modcloth.com

Old Navy polka dot shirt
$18 – oldnavy.gap.com

Zara safari jacket
$30 – zara.com

$50 – gbyguess.com

Short shorts
$38 – meetmark.com

Call it SPRING wedge heels
$30 – jcpenney.com

Zara shoes
$7.99 – zara.com

American Apparel leather clutch
$50 – americanapparel.net

Urban Outfitters oversized watch
$38 – urbanoutfitters.com

Urban Outfitters post earrings
$14 – urbanoutfitters.com

TopShop leopard print scarve
$32 – topshop.com

Bow hat
$38 – nordstrom.com

Combined Explorer Backpack
$36 – zara.com

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  1. 9.10.11
    Emily said:

    Fall has just started to show up in Chicago and I’m dying to get into piece just like the ones you’ve got here- lots of caramels and browns, some rich accessories, the perfect hat. Love this collection!

  2. 9.6.11
    Iris said:

    I go pretend shopping all the time, it’s the best! I love your picks…

  3. 9.6.11
    lisa said:

    summer rut here too! we are usually wearing summer clothes until Halloween. it will be here sooner than we know it I’m sure!

  4. 9.6.11
    Pearl said:

    Bunch of cute stuff for the fall! I love the hearts shirt! So cute!


  5. 9.5.11

    oh my gosh summer rut, YES.
    I’ve been craving sweaters, boots and scarves SO much in the past couple of weeks.
    I just want to skip on out to the east coast where it’s at least a little cooler than Arizona and be happy as an acorn (is that even possible?). Ahhh. WINTER NEEDS TO COME. It’d at least make going to school a little less miserable.

  6. 9.5.11

    love the emily and fin long shirt, could not find it :)



  7. 9.5.11
    Linda said:

    Keira! I bought some wide leg jeans by Olsenboye at JCP that fit beautifully! They’re very similar to the pair in your collage. I wore mine today, and I’ll have the post up this week.

  8. 9.5.11
    Sage said:

    Thank you so much for this list! It’s perfect. I’ve been reading fall must-have lists from other bloggers, but you have things I can actually afford! I’m loving the safari jacket and the leopard scarf.

  9. 9.4.11

    great pics – i like!!

  10. 9.4.11

    I just put platform Guess loafers on layaway today, but I’m sorta coveting those loafer wedges from JCP! Decisions, decisions…

  11. 9.4.11
    Katie said:

    These are GREAT picks! I wish those loafers were available to buy online – 7.99!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes!

    • 9.5.11

      I KNOW! A reader told me a few days ago that Zara is opening their online store in September. Heaven help us all…

  12. 9.4.11
    trinkets said:

    That hat is the cutest ever! Love it!

  13. 9.4.11

    Oooooooooh, I love your picks! I’m looking forward to adding an animal print scarf myself! Enjoy!!!!

  14. 9.4.11

    Oh wow! I posted my shopping list a few days ago and many of your picks match it, I need to add that cute hat too! Happy shopping ;)

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  15. 9.4.11
    Shon said:

    Very nicely done. I need to get a little more adept at using other sites to put an inspiration collage together. Thank you!! Enjoy your week!!

  16. 9.4.11
    Kelly said:

    Awesome picks! I love the many prints :)