tuesdays that feel like mondays.


Sunny Leigh silk rosette top (Macy's) | White House Black Market cropped jeans (thrifted) | Nine West sandals (Macy's, scooped up during a fashion emergency shopping spree) | American Eagle belt



I have a love/hate relationship with three-day weekends. Sure, the extra day off is great and spending the additional quality time with family, friends and your remote is lovely. But come Tuesday, when you have to drag your punch drunk self back to work, things get rough. Especially when your Tuesday conspires against you and acts just like a Monday, but worse.

Turns out the Lennox’s weren’t the only ones having a rough start this week…

A bank just a few blocks over from the shop was robbed this morning, and the robber fled on foot, resulting in three schools spending the morning on lockdown. I told Chad we needed to lock down, too, explaining that if I were a criminal I’d hide out and take hostages in an unsuspecting local flower shop. He said I’d be an awful criminal.

At about 11:00am, we lost our phone and internet service (which is pretty inconvenient when 90% of your business is done via the phone and internet). So did the rest of the Brighthouse customers across the state, for almost two hours during the peak of the business day! I don’t know what’s worse, imagining all of the orders I missed in that two hour period, or imagining being a Brighthouse employee working in the customer service call center this afternoon.

Later, a cute little red-head walked into the shop with his mom and his blankie. Apparently he’d instructed his mother that they must stop in after passing by. He walked through the shop with the blankie over his nose, then proceeded to give a theatrical cough as he exclaimed, “Yuck! These flowers is makin’ me sick! Let’s get outta here!

At least we’re one day closer to the weekend.

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  1. 9.27.11

    did you feel that way !!!!… me tooo … today when I woke up and was getting ready … I was thinking , its like Monday …. man!!!!!!

  2. 9.7.11
    Lisa Bates said:

    Keira, you are too much! I found what you said so amusing that I had to read out loud to Bates in the car this morning. Love your ring in the photo! I need, I need, I …..

    Molly says hello!

  3. 9.7.11

    I share that love/hate for long weekends, what a chaos that was, but hope things get brighter from now on and week finishes beautifully!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  4. 9.6.11
    Megan said:

    Awesome shoes!

  5. 9.6.11

    that made me giggle; I’m easily amused. But at least you looked fabulous going back! Tuesdays are really the death of me too and I don’t even drink! I guess when you come of age you trade staying up late for drinking… Or do you just do both?

  6. 9.6.11
    Linda said:

    I hope your Wednesday will be much more fun! :o) I love your belt against the mustard top.

  7. 9.6.11
    Iris said:

    I love that blouse! I think tomorrow will be better, you’re more than halfway to the weekend…

  8. 9.6.11
    Allie said:

    Ha, little kids are the best sometimes. Sorry you lost power and had a rough Tuesday. But at least it’s nearly Wednesday already! Close to another weekend :)

  9. 9.6.11
    lisa said:

    it can only get better from here! here’s to happy Wednesday!

  10. 9.6.11

    YES to being one day closer to the weekend!

    but you wanna know what’s even better?! when any other day of the week feels like a saturday! :)

    happy tuesday.