fashion confessions: my dark days of denim.




It’s time to spill the beans. I wasn’t always a snappy dresser. I’ve had my fair share of bumps and detours along the road to style enlightenment. As I uploaded today’s outfit photos to write this post, my Express trouser jeans reminded of one of my worst offenses.

In seventh grade, I went through a baggy denim phase. I mean really baggy denim. I was into skater boys way before Avril Lavigne came along, and I had a few pair of super wide JNCO jeans that I wore on regular rotation. I remember [shuddering as I make this confession] once wearing a pair of flannel boxer-like pajama shorts under my JNCOs so they showed above the low-slung waistline when I lifted my Rusty t-shirt. Ugh.

I never  skateboarded, surfed, wakeboarded, or participated in any similarly cool sport that would’ve justified my wardrobe. I was a poser (a word I threw around quite often in those days) in the worst way. But I thought I was a pretty awesome 13 year old.

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  1. 9.11.11
    Cathy said:

    Love these pictures! Well, they are always great! Missed you at FNO! Next year…for sure! School night our NOT! XXOO

  2. 9.10.11
    Iris said:

    I used to wear JNCOs too, I think those past fashion transgressions are forgiven :)

  3. 9.9.11
    Stephanie said:

    Oh my goodness I did the same thing with the boxers! But mine was with extra baggy cargo pants, a “wife beater” and a denim opened shirt and Lugz. I wanted to be just like Aaliyah and thought that would make me fit in, yet my pale and often sun burned skin gave me away :)

  4. 9.9.11
    lisa said:

    Me too! I had two pairs of JNCO jeans. I never skated either. What were we thinking!

  5. 9.9.11

    bahaha I used to force my mom to buy me “No Fear” shirts in the boy’s section. I was such a tomboy. And I think I used to let my pj’s poke out too! Mock boxers I guess? Shudder. And thank you thank you thank you for the green smoothie tip! I will have to try that. Plus, I think you can get a jumbo size of that flavor odwalla juice from Costco. Have a good weekend!

  6. 9.9.11

    My 13 year old self was also a victim of the JNCO fad… I was such a “poser,” too! haha!

  7. 9.8.11
    crystal said:

    sadly we all have to admit those JNCOs were comfy but yes the days of baggy jeans and crop tops have long expired for me.

  8. 9.8.11
    SFE said:

    JNCO jeans. You have touched a nerve. While on a recent research trip to the UK I visited a friend who now lives there. After a fair amount of vino he pulled out his photo box and produced one of all 5 feet of me, going through a chubby stage, wearing those horrible skater jeans, circa 1996. There is no piece of clothing that has ever looked worse on me. He asked if I wanted the photo. I wanted him to destroy it! I sat there at his kitchen table in Cambridge wearing a fabulous Top Shop dress and felt like I had been hijacked back to adolescent hell in the Midwest.

  9. 9.7.11
    Megan said:

    hahah… JNCO jeans, I remember them well. I think we may have (sadly) been style twins in middle school. Did you ever wear two pairs of thick white socks over each other? Ugh, why would I ever think that looked “cool”.

  10. 9.7.11
    Autumn said:

    I love this top!

  11. 9.7.11

    well this look is a far cry from those days…you look very chic and polished – i love love dark denim!!

  12. 9.7.11

    ah! I can’t imagine you in JNCO jeans :D That’s too funny, I think we all went through an “awkward” phase. Mine consisted of hiking boots and lacey dresses in the fifth grade. At least we figured it out now :)

  13. 9.7.11

    Haha!!!!!! Well my hair used to be massive, and my pants always used to look like floods, so I’ve been there too! Lol you look stunning in this combo though…you’re good! The fashinistas don’t have to shun and Avril is safe!

  14. 9.7.11

    I think we all have gone through the baggy denim phase! So not flattering in my case, but look at us now we know better! Love the polka dots!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  15. 9.7.11

    Oh yes, PacSun was the holy grail of fashion back then. Loving your black and brown ensemble!

  16. 9.7.11
    ehb9217 said:

    Rusty, Stussy, No Fear…we all have our moments of grungy t-shirt shame. The important thing is, those years are behind us and now a chic graphic-tee tucked into a pencil skirt and some flats is our new version of comfortable. You look fabulous!

  17. 9.7.11
    Tres bien said:

    haha!! Too funny! I went through the same phase, boxer shorts and all.

  18. 9.7.11

    I hate admitting it, but I totally did the same thing when I was 13… sigh. +1 for your much improved denim styling!

  19. 9.7.11


  20. 9.7.11

    I was the EXACT SAME WAY back in the day. Ah, youth. The important thing is that you look good NOW. I love your top!

  21. 9.7.11
    Sara said:

    haha too funny! i remember JNCO jeans! i never had the jnco jeans but did my baggy carpenter jeans along with overside tshirts that I wore over bright colored longsleeve shirts! Oh the 90s:)

  22. 9.7.11
    Andrea said:

    Oy, JNCOs… been there, done that. Until my very sage friend told me they made my thighs look big. Never wore em again!

  23. 9.7.11
    Linda Z said:

    I like the black and chestnut together. Where did you get your cute bag? I’m trying to picture you like a skater girl… giggle. :)