are you ready for some football?


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The start of football season is a big deal around the Lennox camp. Chad is one of those superfans who know random football trivia from the ’70s and live and die by their fantasy stats through February. I’m less enthusiastic about the game, but I love all the festivities that come with it. We went to our first tailgate party of the year on Saturday at a local university where one of our good friends is the VP of Institutional Advancement. They have two big tailgate parties each season, and he always makes sure we’re on the VIP list {thanks again, S & T!}. It was so nice to unplug from work for an afternoon, soak up some sunshine, and just relax! We had the best day, and Chad was happier than a kid at Christmas to go to his first game of the year.

What I wore: Lucy Love top and Goorin Bros hat (m.marie boutique), Levis cutoffs (Macy’s), Antonio Milani sandals (Dillard’s), Kate Landry bag (gifted from Mom), and drugstore sunnies.

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  1. 9.12.11
    megan said:

    I love your hat! Such a cute, casual weekend outfit!

  2. 9.12.11
    Hannah said:

    That hat looks positively adorable on you!

    I’m on the same page in regards to football. My hubby & I are going to see a couple of Harvard games this fall, and I am SO excited :D

  3. 9.12.11
    Stefanie said:

    You look absolutely adorable!

  4. 9.12.11

    You and Chad are so cute! Life has been hectic for you lately! So glad you got to take time to unwind! You look terrific! I sadly am not football fan…it’s kind horrifying living in Steeler Nation, Western Pa, consists of the most football fanatics I’ve ever seen!

  5. 9.12.11
    Manding said:

    Absolutely on the same page. How can I not love football when there are so many enthusiastic fanatics and so many juicy meats around? Not to mention, the start of football symbolizes the start of my favorite season, fall ! A+, glad you had fun !

    ps, !