every girl needs: a denim shirt

thrifted denim shirt | White House Black Market khakis (secondhand) | Nine West belt | Lucky Brand Emmie ballet flats | Gianni Bini handbag
easy-peasy updo {tutorial coming soon!}


Looking for a denim shirt to call your own? I suggest scouring the racks of your local thrift store to find one that’s perfectly weathered and worn-in. Or you could drop $50 on one from Gap and call it a day. After a seemingly endless and fruitless search, I finally found this one a few weeks ago for about $4. (Remember, the key to thrifting success is patience, friends!)

My favorite thing about this little western wonder: the brand name. Roughneck. I clearly don’t have the cowgirl street cred to wear this thing with anything other than my classic girly basics. I bet when the previous owner picked out this tough shirt at the western store, she never imagined it would someday get paired with sateen khakis and pearlescent ballet flats.

And the circle of life style continues…

22 thoughts on “every girl needs: a denim shirt

  1. Ok so 1. I love your blog. Kristen (from “For the Love of God” was so right :). and 2. I love denim shirts!! I just bought one from H&M but now don’t know what pants/skirts to wear with it…I certainly don’t want to wear it with jeans haha This is a very cute way to wear it!! I love!


  2. This outfit is so cute! Polished and well put together. I am so impressed that you found that shirt for $4! Wow, I obviously need to get back into thrifting…so worth it!


  3. Hi Keira! Random question – what color are your Emmie flats? I’ve been looking to get a pair but can’t decide on a color and I love the nude look of yours. Do you remember which one it is?


  4. I look at them longingly every time I see one in the stores, but am not sure I could pull it off without looking like a farmer. This look is absolutely perfect on you! Maybe now I need to get more serious about a denim shirt and try to emulate you. – Katy


  5. I’ve been trying to have patience with my own thrift/consignment store denim/chambray shirt search and almost broke down and ordered one online… but your $4 find inspires me to keep going :)
    Love the hair too!


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