vintage Anne Klein blouse (thrifted) | Banana Republic skirt (a pretty penny designer consignment & vintage — SOLD!) | SHINE necklace | Kate Landry clutch (Dillard’s clearance) | Seychelles Gypsy sandals (I got mine at Marshall’s, but you can find them here!)



I love a high waist. Make it an elastic high waist, and I’m head-over-heels.

I updated the online shop tonight! And I used up all of my evening blogging allowance to do it, so now it’s time for dinner {husband picked up take-out… love him; almost as much as an elastic high waist} and Jeopardy. Things get ca-razy around here, friends.

Now go check out the shop and tell me what you think, please and thank you! I’ll be adding new hand-picked items every few days, and you can keep track of new arrivals through the book.

So if you’ll excuse me, I have a hot date with Alex Trebeck and egg drop soup.

Author: Keira Lennox

I'm a small town lady from the sunshine state with an affinity for bookstores, beauty counters and unfussy style. I spend my days running my flower shop, and my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear. (Or watching Netflix and drinking wine.)

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