video how-to: messy side pony

Need a little hump day hair inspiration? This is fast becoming my go-to style when my hair is too dirty to pass as socially acceptable and I’m short on time. It’s like my 8 year-old side pony, all grown up! {And sans neon scrunchie.}

Like the song? It’s Starry Eyed by Ellie Goulding from the album Lights.

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  1. 11.12.11
    Snigdha said:

    Thanks for mentioning the song. I’ve been sifting through your blog for the past hour and i’m a BIG fan already. :D

  2. 10.11.11
    Kaitlyn said:

    This is a very good how-to video. I’ve mastered the messy pony tail, and on occasion I like to spice up the pony tail look with a fish tail braid. I just braid my bangs back and then pair that with a side pony tail, it’s one of my favorite looks!

  3. 10.7.11
    Tso Otm said:

    Thank you for posting! you make me be less afraid to use my curl iron (after I burned my forehead recently ha!) I always wear the same hair style but now found an cute way to give it volume. Merci!!

  4. 10.6.11
    Anonymous said:

    Great Song! Love your blog…

  5. 10.5.11
    Megan said:

    So cute! If my hair wasn’t curly I’d rock this look :)

  6. 10.5.11
    Stefanie said:

    Great hair inspiration, I can get a bit lazy! I love your brows.

  7. 10.5.11
    Sage said:

    Aw, come on–you can still rock the neon scrunchie! :)

    I’ll have to try this look as soon as my hair grows out enough for a ponytail. Thanks!

  8. 10.5.11

    haha this was so cute and i definitely liked the messy side pony. seems pretty simply to do too!!


  9. 10.5.11

    You make it look so easy! I love side ponytails, would use your volume tip ;)

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  10. 10.5.11
    crtnyhks said:

    Thanks for posting something so simple top follow. I’ve always gotten confused about the whole “hair around the elastic” part.
    P.S. Super fun music!