meet my new friend, colby.

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I spent the better part of last fall searching for the perfect lace-up boots after seeing Jane’s gorgeous peep-toe Prada’s on Sea of Shoes. Unfortunately, a pair of boots that cost almost as much as my monthly mortgage payment are not in the ol’ budget at the Lennox house, and finding a worthy substitute that was both high quality and affordable proved to be much more difficult than I expected. {As a self-proclaimed bargain shopper expert, these kinds of failings are tough to swallow.}

Just as I’d resolved to the fact I’d spend another fall sans dreamy lace-ups, I found these adorable Colby boots from MIA Shoes. When they arrived a couple of weeks ago, I left them out on the kitchen table so I could marvel at their cuteness. And as soon as the temps fell below 70, I took them out for a spin…

To the shop. Which is risky business, because many a shoe has failed the all-day test. In fact, I keep a pair of flats in my bag for those days I’m feeling cocky and put on a pair of 4 inch wedges because my outfit just looks so much cuter, and I’ll be fine — {cut to 2 hours later and I’m in my Emmies}.

But Colby passed with flying colors! Through running around the shop, stocking new inventory in the boutique, and spending the afternoon making deliveries. All the way through to a surprise birthday party that evening. More than 14 hours without a single blister, sore ankle, or achy arch. The soft rubber wedge makes these boots super comfy, almost like a high-top sneaker.

This month, MIA Shoes is donating 10% off sales to Susan G. Komen for the Cure (a cause very close to my family’s heart as my MIL is a breast cancer survivor) when you enter “cure” at check out!

Wearing: Colby lace-up boots c/o MIA Shoes | Laundry by Shelli Segal dress (a pretty penny, available online) | INC cropped denim jacket | HUE tights | Gianni Bini hobo bag (Similar)

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  1. 10.12.11
    Chaundi said:

    GAHHH!!! Loving these shoes!

  2. 10.12.11
    Stefanie said:

    I love your boots! I love boots in general! I am in love with these ones right now but I can’t justify another pair of boots right now :-( I’ll have to make do with admiring everyone elses!

  3. 10.12.11
    Joanne said:

    OMG, I love this entire outfit. Oh, so fierce!

  4. 10.11.11

    I’ve been looking for similar boots.. yours are super cute! Love how you styled them with a dressier outfit.

  5. 10.11.11

    Cute! I finally found lace up boots this year and I have barely taken them off haha.

    <3 Rachel

  6. 10.11.11
    Kayla said:

    Those shoes are so cute! I adore my tan boot wedges and am so excited to bring them out for the fall! They really are the perfect cold weather shoe!

  7. 10.11.11

    I love this outfit. I am not a boot fan but this all looks good together. ;)

  8. 10.11.11
    soanthro said:

    Aw I love everything about this outfit! Those boots are great!!

  9. 10.11.11
    rhiannon said:

    love those booties with the dress, so cute!

  10. 10.11.11

    The booties are really cool substitute! Love how you made the dress down to earth, so pretty!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries