socially acceptable pajamas

Ya Los Angeles tunic (m.marie, 2010) | a.n.a. safari vest c/o jcpenney | LC Lauren Conrad knit pants (Kohl’s clearance) | Lucky Brand Women’s Emmie Slip-On | Vera Bradley Take Me With You Tote bag (a pretty penny, available online)



I don’t think any self-respecting lady should ever wear her pajamas out of the house. I do, however, advocate pajama dressing when it’s disguised as legitimate clothing.

Take these pants, for instance. From a distance, they look like normal pants — zip fly, front and back pockets, cute little zippers at the ankles. But they’re knit, and softer than baby clothes. Add a flowy tunic that doesn’t come anywhere near the body, and is the closest you can feel to topless as possible without getting arrested. Then top it all off with a piece of roomy outerwear like your favorite safari vest and it almost looks like you tried. You could put on a heel if you want to step it up a notch, but let’s keep it real and stick to flats. Finally, stash a blanket and maybe one of those airplane pillows in a big tote bag, because all of this comfort can be sleep-inducing.


Behind the scenes: Sometimes the life of a style blogger can be precarious. Like when you’re posing away in your parking lot and your photographer {husband} stops snapping and says, “Babe, car.” And you have to dash in seconds to avoid being crushed by a large red Dodge cruising toward you at 10mph. Don’t try this at home, kids.

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  1. 10.17.11
    Kaitlyn said:

    I love this outfit! The safari vest is so cute! I haven’t been able to find a safari vest that I love yet, so I’m going to have to go to Penney’s and check out the one you have, because it looks perfect!

  2. 10.13.11

    haha! this is so awesome!

    i loooove the outfit. and the story of almost being run over. way to live on the crazy side.


  3. 10.13.11
    Kimberly said:

    Love this outfit!

  4. 10.13.11
    Joanne said:

    hahah, I have the car situatlion happen to me all the time too!

  5. 10.12.11

    You pull off the pajama look quite well :)

  6. 10.12.11
    Jaclyn said:

    Totally agree with the pajama thing :) I think leggings are my go to weekend look when i just want to roll out of the house and still be productive. Love how you styled this look!

  7. 10.12.11
    Danica said:

    Cute outfit! Love the tunic. :)

  8. 10.12.11
    Sage said:

    I boughts some knit pants from Gap and I still feel a little weird wearing them even though they have pockets and a zipper. They’re sooo comfy that I’ll risk it anyway. But I won’t wear leggings as pants. You gotta keep your butt covered. :)

    Yeah, I have to dodge cars when taking pictures too!

  9. 10.12.11
    Meg said:

    That outfit does sound wonderfully comfortable. Sign me up!

    I love those candids, too. I had a bit of a fraught experience taking photos yesterday, so I feel your pain.

  10. 10.12.11
    Shon said:

    I love the LC collection at Kohl’s. Great find and such a better alternative than Pajama Jeans!! Why?? Why??

  11. 10.12.11
    Christine said:

    I love pajamas all the time. This is a great outfit! I’m glad it was so comfy!

  12. 10.12.11

    Knit pants? wow those must be so so comfy!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  13. 10.12.11
    Jeannee said:

    Love the OOTD!

    Am chuckling at your funny story about what happened with trying to get camera shots – reminds me of kids when I was growing up playing hockey in the street and – “car!” ;) Since you told a funny story, I’ll tell you mine – about going out in pajamas:

    I have to agree with you that there just isn’t a touch of class about going out in your pajamas! And, at my age (I’m 48) – I look like I have a day pass from Sunny Farms ;) … so one day I was not feeling well but needed to get some emergency cash from the ATM so, ok, I reasoned – I’m not getting out of the vehicle, right?! I’ll go down there in my pajamas!

    Now, it was winter, and I did have my long coat on – which comes to just above my knees …

    Well, I get the cash from the window of my vehicle, and I’m thinking – I really, REALLY need x,y,z from the supermarket … well … I’ll just slip in to Kroger’s real fast!

    As I’m walking in (there are double doors, with a short lobby) I see a woman checking out at a register pulling her glasses down her face STARING AT ME. I smiled and kept walking. The woman turns to the cashier and IN A BULLHORN VOICE, says, “She’s in pajamas – AND MARGE SHE’S OUR AGE! SHE SHOULD KNOW BETTER!!!” Was my face red!!! A little drama there at the supermarket, yeahhhh ….