there’s a sock in my hair!


IMG_6187 IMG_6190

Jones New York floral button-up (a pretty penny, available online) | Simply Vera Vera Wang paneled leggings | Seychelles Gypsy sandals

A trouser sock, that is. One that long ago lost its mate to an unfortunate mauling by a Goldendoodle. I don’t know why I kept it in my sock drawer for all this time, but I’m glad I did…

If you follow the facebook page, you know that I recently discovered the “sock bun” — an easy breezy updo that takes about two minutes and zero bobby pins to create. Spurred by this pin, I scoured the Internet for a how-to. I’ll save you the work:  Check out this video to see how to rock the sock yourself! {Keep it in overnight for curls!}

21 thoughts on “there’s a sock in my hair!

  1. this is how we used to make our buns for dance recitals! they turn out perfect every time. and yours is gorgeous as an updo. fancy fancy :)


  2. I keep meaning to try the sock bun! I’ve done the “carrie bun” before but with lots of teasing and hair spray, haha, so a sock sounds much better for the hair! It looks adorable on you, and I am loving this outfit! Oversized blouses, especially in a pretty print, are my weakness!


  3. Thanks for sharing the link, Keira! My hair never stays up in a bun for very long. Now I’m itching to cut one of M’s socks (not mine, hehe) and try the sock bun. Your hair looks so pretty in it.


  4. I remember a gal in my ballet class would always have the perfect bun. Very much like the one seen here. While she had a handy dandy little tool that did this, I much prefer a simpler, and cheaper, option.



  5. I was so excited when I found out you could curl your hair with no heat and A SOCK. I tried it myself and got cute little flippy ends but no real curls since my hair’s not quite long enough for all the curls. I wonder if you could use a normal scrunchie to get tighter curls? Anyone have a time machine to the early 90’s?


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