wild and dangerous.

Banana Republic sweater and JCrew button-up (a pretty penny) | Express cargo pants | Style & Co wedges | Gianni Bini hobo bag



Don’t be fooled by the JCrew shirt and Banana Republic sweater… the Lennox’s are thrill-seeking danger hunters. Sure, this looks like a nice and serene place to snap a few photos, but we took our lives in our hands*. Because we do whatever it takes to get the shot.



Okay, not really. Alligators are pretty common around here, and we find them sunbathing on the banks of the lake behind our house all the time. That’s not to say they aren’t dangerous, but you’re pretty safe as long as you don’t decide to skinny-dip near their nest during breeding season in a drug-induced stupor in the middle of the night {yeah, that really happened}.

* No bloggers or photographers were mauled in the making of this outfit post. In fact, we didn’t even spot one. Durn.

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  1. 10.23.11

    beautiful location. how did the “skinny-dip near their nest during breeding season in a drug-induced stupor in the middle of the night ” turn out?

  2. 10.23.11
    dotty said:

    these layers are so AWESOME here! you’re such a stylish alligator hunter!

    dash dot dotty

  3. 10.22.11

    LOVE the layering here. And that’s funny about the aligators. I don’t think I could be so brave.

    <3 Rachel

  4. 10.22.11

    Nice layering! So stealing this idea : ) Sadly not sandal weather where I am, but the rest of it’s good!!


    • 10.24.11

      Steal away, friend! That’s what I’m here for ;-)

  5. 10.21.11

    What a fun place to shoot from and so beautiful too! Love the layering, happy weekend!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries