work that wind!

Petticoat Alley dress (a pretty penny, available online) | Madison stripes and sequins cardigan (a pretty penny, available online) | Dooney & Bourke small satchel (a pretty penny, available online) | Brighton belt (a pretty penny, available online) | Target boots (2009) | Minicci over-the-knee socks (Payless) 



Things were a little slow at the shop Saturday morning, so I played dress-up with a few new things from the boutique. I know you probably don’t want to hear another blogger raving about the weather, but this blogger has suffered intolerable heat and humidity for entirely too long, so please just let me say this: the fall weather we’ve had lately is glorious! It’s a little windy, though, which can make taking somewhat-serious photos of yourself a challenge.

Please see exhibit A: blogger vs. autumnal breeze.


This weekend was spent soaking up as much time outdoors as possible, from an al fresco dinner with my friends Lisa and Meghan Friday night, to an outdoor wedding set-up Saturday afternoon followed by a friend’s birthday celebration (where I got to hang with Jamie!) to a perfect Sunday with friends and our four-legged kids at the dog park.

Today I’m working from home, sipping on a pumpkin latte — that I requested to be decaf, but I’m pretty sure is high octane as my hands are shaking while I type  — with all of the windows open. {Glorious, really can’t say it enough.} One of the items on today’s to-do list is to try a trial run of some cute spooky desserts for a girl’s night out at the shop on Thursday. I’ve been cruising Pinterest for ideas, and if all goes well, I’ll share the recipes in a bit!

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  1. 10.26.11

    I love this pretty outfit:) I’m jealous you have a store you can pull clothes from. It’s like you have a home closet and a work closet! lol.

    Oh and fyi, if your decaf latte didn’t take like 7 minutes to get to you, then more than likely they gave you caffeinated. Every decaf order is made by brewing the decaf coffee on an as needed basis…if this was at Starbucks.

  2. 10.25.11

    I LOVE the mix of prints! You make it look so easy – and you’re inspiring me to get out one of my favorite striped cardis with a floral dress that I would have NEVER put together. Thank you for that!

  3. 10.24.11
    Hannah said:

    Love the patterned dress and striped cardi combo. XO

    real girl, real body fashion:

  4. 10.24.11
    Terri said:

    You at least have the courage to take pictures outside! I usually stick to the same spot in my living room. Looking adorable! I love all the mixtures of gray.

  5. 10.24.11

    Love the way socks peeking out the boots look! I spent Friday night dinner with friends too!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  6. 10.24.11

    I love the print mix! I’m so bad at mixing prints, I never bother trying anymore.

    • 10.25.11

      I’d recommend starting off really simple — look for patterns that are in the same colors, for example. A blue and white striped top with a blue and white floral skirt. Then once you get the hang of it, start mixing up colors, too. Pinterest is also an amazing resource for outfit inspiration if you’re not sure how to start. You’ll be a master print mixer in no time! :-)

  7. 10.24.11
    Lindsay said:

    I love the little sequin details on your cardigan! Its adorable!

  8. 10.24.11
    Meg said:

    Nice pattern-mixing!

    I love the candids you’ve been posting lately. :)

  9. 10.24.11
    Alyx said:

    Love the pattern mixing, too cute!