layer cake


Mossimo sequin tank (stolen from my friend, Lauren) | thrifted denim shirt | a.n.a. safari vest (c/o jcpenney) | LC Lauren Conrad knit pants | Lucky Brand Emmie ballet flats


Mondays are good days for lots o’ layers. They help disguise weekend indiscretions {like the aforementioned seven layer dip in the last post}. Mondays that happen to be Halloween are especially good days for layers. Because you’ve already eaten about five fun-size Butterfingers and a cupcake. An there’s still a lot of sugary debauchery to be had.

Here’s an easy no-bake recipe for a cute layered outfit:

Start with a dash of sparkle — sequins, beads, or a cute graphic tee.

Lightly cover with an easy button-up. (Don’t worry about ironing it, we’re going to cover it up anyway.)

Top with a slouchy vest. The slouchier the better.

Garnish with cherry red lips. And a sock bun.

9 thoughts on “layer cake

  1. Love this look, your smile is amazing.
    Also important, the pockets in the vest for loading up on Halloween candy at your coworker’s desk!


    1. These are! I don’t know if they’d be ideal for 9-5, though. They fit like skinny jeans, and they’re pretty snug. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for good substitutes, though!


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