Last night I suffered through watched Something Borrowed on DVD. I heard all the terrible reviews, but being the big Kate Hudson fan I am, I thought I needed to see it for myself. Unfortunately, I can’t get those two hours back, but I did spot a cute mani on Kate in one scene. It was a modern french manicure with a beige base, black tips, and a little bit of gold.

Cue the lineup!

Essie all-in-one base | Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polish in Beige Blast | Essie polish in Devils Advocate | Sinful Colors nail art polish

Start with clean nails and a thin coat of base.


Next, apply two coats of beige polish to the entire nail. I used a fast-drying formula to try to save a little time. Letting the polish dry completely is crucial. When you think the beige is dry, give it 15 more minutes, just to be sure. Trust me on this one.

IMG_6705 IMG_6708

After the beige polish is bone dry, apply french manicure strips to each nail. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers use scotch tape, and I’m sure that works, too! I just like the shape of these strips — a little more rounded than straight across. Then carefully apply the black  to the tips above each strip.

IMG_6712 IMG_6714

More drying time! Give your pinkies lots of time to dry completely, otherwise your tips won’t be straight when you remove the strip. And then all that time you spent letting the first two coats dry will all be in vain. When the dark polish is no longer tacky, oh-so-carefully remove each strip. Don’t panic if some of your beige base comes off with the strip — just touch it up.

IMG_6720 IMG_6730

Adding the gold line is the trickiest part. My hands shake like a leaf when I try to do any kind of close detail work, and the perfectionist in me had a tough time accepting that an immaculate hairline gold detail just wasn’t in the cards. Instead, I used the old liquid eyeliner trick: Make small dashes across the nail right underneath the black tip, then connect all of the dashes together to make a smooth line. Voila!

I sealed everything up with two good coats of the all-in-one base (which actually helped mask some of the imperfections). In all, this manicure took almost as long as sitting through the movie. But unlike the latter, I had something to show for it when I was finished!

Posted by:Keira Lennox

I'm a small town girl from the sunshine state with an affinity for bookstores, beauty counters and unfussy style. I spend my days running my flower shop, and my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear. (Or watching Netflix and drinking wine.)

46 replies on “manic[ure] monday: “something borrowed”

  1. Really, All of awesome collection. Presently, i am using One 3″ More Inches by Michael Van Clarke on very cheap rate from Panache Cosmetics.


  2. Gorgeous nails, tried myself and with the stickers moved them just below the black tip and with a fine brush followed the edge of the sticker, really helps to get a neat line because I too shake like mad! x


  3. Looks so pretty! Although, couldn’t you do the gold first, and let that dry completely, then put tape over that so you could just do the black over the gold? I’m less of a nail perfectionist because I do not possess the steady hand it requires, so one coat of black would satisfy me. Awesome post! <33


  4. I loves these nails :) theyre really classy looking but at the same time theyre really fun looking too. I cannot wait to try this out. thanks for the tutuorial!


  5. Very pretty. You could have done the gold with the tape on and then moved the tape so it covered the line and painted black over it if you wanted the gold to be a perfect line.


  6. I love this! What brand of strips did you use? I seem to have bad luck with those, but the ones you used look like they work great!


  7. I read the book and loved it. The movie was good, but only because I read the book. I can see why some people wouldn’t of liked it as much. I find that since I loved the book so much, it would have taken a lot to ruin the movie for me lol. Anyways, gorgeous nails! I’ll have to try this one when mine grow a little more.


  8. Yeah… something borrowed was quite painful. Especially since the book was wonderful… but I have to say this manni is quite adorable, i’ll have to try it out!!


  9. Whoa, I could never pull that off myself. Maybe on my left hand, but my poor right hand would look a hot mess! It’s a lovely look, though. I’ll have to keep that in mind for the one time a year I get my nails professionally done.


  10. Your nails look really good! Mine never turn out that well when I’m doing just one color. :) guess I’m not patient enough. You rock!


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