please pass the mustard

To the Max ivory dress (a pretty penny, available online) | Gap merino cardi (a pretty penny, available online) | Nine West scarf | HUE mustard tights | Colby boots c/o MIA Shoes




To Do:

1. Add to The List of Style Choices Husband Doesn’t Understand: mustard tights.

2. Add to The List of Accessories Every Girl Needs This Fall: mustard tights.

When I walked into the shop this afternoon [C and I often split days in half, and being the sunshiny morning person that I am not, I get the after-lunch shift] he looked down at my legs and made a stink face. Which is enough evidence for me to believe that he is not a fan of mustard legs. I think they’ll grow on him. Like a yellowy-orange fungus.

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I'm a small town girl from the sunshine state with an affinity for bookstores, beauty counters and unfussy style. I spend my days running my flower shop, and my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear. (Or watching Netflix and drinking wine.)

100 thoughts on “please pass the mustard

  1. I LOVE the way your fashionable ensembles are captured in each image! Can you tell me what type camera & lens you’re using? It’s just what I’ve been looking for to start my blog… Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you! We bought a Canon Rebel a few years ago, and it’s been such a great learning camera for us! We still use the original lens that came with it. It’s an investment — around $400 — but it was worth it :-)

  2. I love the mustard tights, but I adore your boots! Bold tights and boots go hand-in-hand this time of year, and what a great color combination! I think a shopping trip is on today’s agenda.

  3. I don’t think that I would’ve been able to imagine that such a cute outfit could begin with mustard tights…good on you for being able to put it all together so beautifully! :)

  4. I think I don’t have time even to look at the color of my tights, because I am organizing my daughter’s wedding and I am writing a blog on this mad period…

  5. Just saw this post on Freshly Pressed and fell in love with the images. Don’t know if I’d like to wear mustard tights (maybe I would if I got a husband – just so he could hate them?), but together with the wall, the flowers etc. – love the whole ensemble! Look how effective they are – they made me subscribe to your blog at first sight!

  6. Looking at how that mustard tights perfectly fit you makes me wanna buy myself one. Gorgeous! :)

  7. My sister has this pair of mustard tights that she NEVER wears. I’ve been asking her if I could have them for so long, and she would always say no. I forgot about them for a while, and finally yesterday, she told me I could have them. But after waiting and waiting for them, the charm and desire had finally wore off. I took them anyway, and I’m glad I did, because this post has renewed my obssession with them! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  8. I just wore my mustard yellows on Thursday to rehearsal for the play I’m currently in — wore them with a blue dress and red ballet flats. I got so many compliments, it was awesome. Yellow tights seem to be popular among my friends, which was kind of satisfyin because when I got them, my mom goes “Mustard yellow tights? Mustard… YELLOW… tights?! Why would you want mustard yellow tights?” Well, mom, why WOULDN’T you want mustard yellow tights? Yellow is wonderful.

  9. I think he made that stink face because he was jealous he could never pull that off with the tights. ;-) I think that they look great on you!

  10. They are SPECTACULAR! Anything in mustard pretty much is (including Mustard itself…yummy) I have to say I am in love with mustard’s cousin saffron as well. …..all year long. Lovely.

  11. Excellent! It’s been so nice to see risk taking in color these past few seasons and so glad that you’re on it with the mustard stockings. I also have to say that I’m digging the model’s manicure in your photos. Great black tips!

  12. if I had a nickle for every time my husband made that weird scrunch face that just reads “what were you thinking?” – This from the color blind man who has just no clue…He has finally stopped making that face when it comes to polka dots so that’s a step in the right direction. :) Congrats on being freshly pressed and I love your mustard tights!

  13. Adorable!! I love the fact that you added mustard tights to the list of items husbands don’t understand. I was wearing mine the other day as well and my husband seemed a tad confused LOL.. my sister put them on yesterday and said she felt like a crayon in the crayon box.. I on the other hand am obsessed with them!!
    You Look Great!!

  14. I had some socks that colour (pop-socks, oh decades ago). However, I was never tempted to put a giraffe around my neck… ;)

  15. I am embarassed to say that I only got mustard tights because I dressed up as a Fraggle (from Fraggle Rock) for Halloween a few years ago. Now I LOVE them. Lovely site!

  16. i just love mustard colored anything! great choice!
    p.s. my husband unfortunately does the same thing, but hey, as long as we love it, that’s what matters!

  17. I think they look great! But, I have a feeling my husband will probably feel the same way as your man LOL. There are some things men just don’t get, I think the whole outfit is perfect and very Fall!

  18. Perfect for fall! I must get a pair, although I’m sure my husband will be equally unappreciative! I love the cardigan in these photos.

  19. This gives me the urge to go get a pair of mustard tights; just to see how everyone I know (and everyone I don’t) reacts to ’em. HAHA

    Love the post! Congrats on FP’d!



  20. My brother wanted a set of enormous
    80’s style headphones, because he thought
    these tiny modern ones were uncomfortable.
    What I didden’t understand was why he
    wanted them in lime, aka puke green.

    Mustard? It may just be the image but
    they seem more like rust. A color I’m
    currently obsessed with. Great
    onsaumble, very unique.

  21. I am not a fan of mustard, however I applaud your bravery! You manage to make it classy, which is not really a word you can relate to this colour or condiment! :)

  22. I have two different categories in my closet: Things my husband “gets” and things he “doesn’t get. Mostly the latter, since he doesn’t even “get” cardigans. He thinks they are all Grandma-chic.

  23. I’d love to see a close-up of your nails, they look cool! Also, good skirt length with these tights. I’ve seen young ladies looking like extras from The Simpsons wearing denim cut-offs. Mustard tights can go so badly wrong but your look is very pretty.

  24. I’d love to see a close-up of your nails, they look cool! Also, good skirt length with these tights. I’ve seen young ladies looking like extras from The Simpsons wearing denim cut-offs. Mustard tights can go so badly wrong but your look is very pretty.

  25. Wow I’m glad to have found your blog today, thanks to FP! I’m a fellow vintage-lover whose husband probably wouldn’t go for the mustard tights either.

    Cute outfit, & I’m off to check out more of your blog! (And subscribing – hooray!)

  26. I can relate! I wore purple tights to work on Tuesday and got a lot of not-so-covert glances from folks at my legs. Then they looked away, as if I had offended them. As for your mustard tights, I’m currently on the hunt for a pair of my own!

  27. I LOVE the yellow tights! I just recently moved to Pittsburgh from Florida ande I’m having such fun encorporating them into my wardrobe. I’m wearing an orangey-red today but I think I might have to try mustard now!!

  28. I feel like I need to get mustard tights now just to see if my boyfriend reacts the same way! Haha! Still loving your “Something Borrowed” manicure sooo much!

  29. He he, I totally agree! I adore my mustard tights (I got them from ModCloth) and last time I wore them my husband was like ” did you get this in the 99 cents bin at the thrift store?”. No dear, I don’t thrift tights (ew?).

    I love them with the cream girly dress and the super pretty bouquet!

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