striped tee (Beall's Outlet on super clearance, $4.99) | Anne Klein scarf | Lucky Brand jeans (a pretty penny, had to buy them for myself) | Liz Claiborne bag | Coach loafers (bought from a friend)



There are two kinds of karma: the good kind and the bad kind.

The bad kind happens when you make a smarty pants comment to your husband about his cold sore last night, then wake up with a big angry pimple on your chin this morning.

The good kind happens when you pass along your great clothes and accessories to your friends over the years, then one such friend finds a pair of Coach loafers in the clearance section of your local Macy’s (a return from a larger store) and buys them even though they aren’t her size, then sells them to you for just $40.

I’m going to try to up my ante of the good kind by passing along a little nugget of valuable shopping information. Unfortunately, it will only benefit my Florida readers, but here goes: If you haven’t shopped at a Beall’s Outlet in a while, go. Right now. {Well, maybe after work; I don’t want to get you fired}. It’s my secret shopping spot for scarves and jewelry, and Monday night I bought 7 tops (all from the juniors clearance section) and a scarf for $50. You can find cute handbags there, too. Report back with your scores.

10 thoughts on “karma

  1. Great look!! I might have to copy!! Oh,that makes me a “Copy Cat”.;) I am not a big logo girl, but the loafers totally work with the denim. I miss Beall’s. I would shop there when I was growing up in Texas.


  2. Love the scarf and the stripes! Also, just wanted to make sure you received my email with my info?
    Très bien from redemptionisbeautiful.blogspot.com


  3. Love the pattern combinations and the scarf. Aren’t we all looking for fashion bargains no matter where they are? Here, it just happens to be TJ Maxx!


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