product review: anastasia beverly hills “beauty express for brows and eyes”

Let’s sit down and have a little chat, girl-to-girl, about something seriously important: your eyebrows.

I’m mildly obsessed with brows. They’re one of the most important — and under-appreciated — aspects of your face. They frame your features, and getting them right can make all the difference in opening up your face and highlighting your pretty peepers.

Keep reading for the run-down…

I was blessed with thick and dark unruly brows that, if left to nature and poor grooming, would grow into an untamed monobrow in a matter of weeks. I spent the better part of my teens and early 20’s hating them;  tweezing and waxing them within an inch of their lives.

Exhibit A:

{C and me at a Florida State game; my beautiful momma at our engagement party; New Years Eve with Anne}

I inherited my eyebrows from my mother, who always begged me to leave them alone. She warned me that as I got older, the more I tweezed and waxed the less they’d grow back into their natural shape. And, as most mother/daughter advice goes, I didn’t listen until I was about 26…

Last year, my brows and I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, to see what would happen if we just let them be themselves (with a small amount of clean-up, of course). I put down the Tweezermans and stopped returning my aesthetician’s phone calls. With a little power brow inspiration a la Jennifer Connelly and Camilla Belle, my brows and I have finally found our happy place — and a peaceful co-existence.

In case you didn’t know, Anastasia Beverly Hills is the authority on great brows. I’ve been using Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel for a while now to keep my brows tamed during the grow-out, but I had a hard time defining them and getting the right shape. So when The Confluence contacted me about reviewing Anastasia’s Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes palette, I was all over it.

That was about a month ago, and this palette has since become part of my daily makeup regimen. It contains a variety of stencils to help you find your perfect brow shape (I use the high arch stencil), a great brow brush, two brow powders, setting wax, a neutral eyeshadow (perfect for every day) and a highlighter. Check out this video to see how it works:

Easy peasy, right?! And the results are perfectly shaped brows that look natural and last all day.

You can buy the Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes palette at Sephora for $39.50, in either Blonde or Brunette. I’d recommend picking up the tinted brow gel, too!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by The Confluence for Anastasia Beverly Hills, and I received product to review and keep. Like always, the views and opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own. 

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  1. 11.7.11

    Wow, you look so great with fuller brows, younger and fresh! I also experimented a while back letting them grow in but they just were too long and didn’t stay in place? I would see a great picture of me and there would be a hanging brow hair, so frustrating!!! Yours look great though. Like your blog, I found it on the Stylish White Female blogrool, following!

    • 11.12.11
      Maddi said:

      My eyebrows grow really long and unruly as well – I found that trimming them by brushing an eyebrow up and cutting any hair that’s above the edge works well to stop that kind of thing without reducing.

  2. 11.6.11
    Joanne said:

    I’ve been in a constant battle with my brows for years now. I too have naturally thick, unruly brows but I have tweezed them to death. Before my wedding I tried to grow them out but I looked like a crazed, untamed jungle woman so I gave up and diverged back to my bad habits. This is something I will definitely have to look into. Thanks for the great review!!

  3. 11.6.11
    Terri said:

    I’ve always been pretty good about not overtweezing my brows (mainly because I’m just that lazy), but I’m terrible about getting them to look symmetrical. I’ll bet the stencils will help a ton with that. By the way, your brows are fabulous.

  4. 11.6.11
    Kylee said:

    So I just have to say that your eyebrows look amazing!!!!! I’ve always been a fan of the “thicker” look….the thin eyebrow always looked horrible on me. So glad your embracing them, they look fabulous:)

  5. 11.6.11

    Thank You for sharing! I too have always struggled with my eyebrows, they are thick and unruly! I have been waxing them since I was 12 and I have tried threading and plucking as well. I have had a similar journey with my brows as you have and at 26 I am trying to let them have their way… My problem at the moment is achieving the prefect arch. I have already browsed Anastasia’s website and I will be trying some of her products :)

    • 11.6.11

      The stencils definitely help you define your arch! You can also use them as a guide when you’re tweezing. Just fill the stencil in with a bright eyeshadow so you can see where it lays, and tweeze all the stray hairs that fall outside of the stencil.