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Feather by Feather Headband c/o Sproos | Romeo & Juliet Couture faux leather jacket (Hautelook last year for $39) | embellished tank (Beall’s Outlet, $3.50) | Tommy Hilfiger black skinnies | Michael Kors ponyhair leopard wedges (Macy’s clearance a few years ago) 


This is the first time I’ve worn a headband since… I don’t know when. 1994?

I loved a good piece of headwear as a wee fashionista. And even though it’s been a while,  it didn’t take much to rekindle the flame. I feel like a fancy headband has the same power as a statement necklace. You can pair it with really simple basics and voilà, instant cute outfit.

Sproos has a darling selection, and they’re offering all APP readers a 15% discount with the discount code “Keira“.

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  1. 11.14.11
    Jessica said:

    Such a cute headband! and those shoes!! I love leopard accents like that. Such a cute autumn look :)

  2. 11.13.11

    Love the blog…the pics are great!

  3. 11.11.11
    Annie said:

    LOVE the leopard shoes. They look great with the leather jacket on top :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. 11.10.11
    Tariro said:

    I love your shoes and that jacket!

  5. 11.10.11
    Melina said:

    I love that headband! I feel like there’s a very 20s vibe to it that makes it more ‘grown up’. Also, I love your jacket, that ruffle detailing is so cute.

    xx Melina

  6. 11.10.11
    Linda Z said:

    So cute. I love the colors in this outfit. And I don’t usually like the feather trend, but I really like this headband a lot! Looks great on you! :)

  7. 11.9.11
    Shirley said:

    From head to toes – cute, cute, cute! You inspire!

  8. 11.9.11

    LOVE that headband! gosh, i need to update my own little collection.

  9. 11.9.11
    gi-gi said:

    Love the whole look. Those shoes have me drooling!

  10. 11.9.11

    Gah, gorgeous shoes!

  11. 11.9.11
    rhiannon said:
  12. 11.9.11
    Anonymous said:

    I want a jacket like that. Any ideas where I can find one on the cheap?

  13. 11.9.11

    I have a friend who rocks the embellished headbands, and I’ve always admired them. I might need to try one out for myself! Oh, and I love the wedges!

  14. 11.9.11
    Caitlin said:

    It’s so beautiful, but subtle! Something I wouldn’t think to get myself, but I absolutely love it!

  15. 11.9.11
    Anne said:


  16. 11.9.11

    love the headband…looks great on you!

  17. 11.9.11

    Is so beautiful, reminds me of those fascinators glam british girls wear for weddings, such a cute touch!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  18. 11.9.11
    Kylee said:

    I love statement headbands….I got into them about a year ago, and haven’t looked back! Yours is fabulous. I love freathers!

  19. 11.9.11
    TanyaMay said:

    Love the outfit! Also love the heads up on the great products Sproos has to offer. I just purchased 2 new pieces. Thanks!

  20. 11.9.11
    Terri said:

    I adore your headband and those heels are fierce!

  21. 11.9.11

    I love headband, and I have quite the collection, but, alas, even my most comfortable ones give me a headache. That one, however, might be worth the pain. It’s beautiful, and I love it with the rest of the outfit!